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FZero GP Legend: Bronze Cup Course Guides  Reply to this Post

F-Zero: GP Legend
Bronze Cup Course Guides

Mute City:Tradition Park | Red Canyon: Junction | Mist Flow: Clip Oval | Lightning: Volute | Fire Field: Blast Track

Mute City: Tradition Park

By Heian-794

A simple track to get you back into top driving shape; you should have no problem completing this one in first place.  With no sharp corners, your car won't be tested too much, but a single jump panel towards the end lets you cut off a bit of the final corner.  Boost over the rough patches in the northeast corner in the second and subsequent laps before getting that power back immediately after.

In Expert Mode, you'll race on Traditional Park II, which is identical to the regular course except for a small kink at the end.


Advanced Tactics on Tradition Park 1

by Josh J

World Record Tactic Difficulty: Insane

E-Grip Machines

1st Lap (Under 20 seconds)
First corner: drift slightly then go into slid on second kink then blast to go into strafe. Dirt Section 1: go close to the fuzzy wall, not touching it. Dirt Section 2: get close to the outside of the dirt then to dirt 3 like section 1. Slide hard for dirt 4 then blast to go into strafe close to wall but don't touch it. Hairpin: get very close as in you love it. Go onto Jump Plate and slide hard then into straight line.

2nd Lap (14"35-14"80 seconds)
Boost after start line and slide through first turn then blast at end of corner. Boost at start of section 1 of the dirt, then cut close to dirt section 2 and start sliding just after it. Slide through pit area to the end of pit area. Keep close to the wall at the hairpin and slide then blast just before jump but make sure you are near the left hand side wall. Slide hard over the last turn and complete lap.

3rd Lap (15"00-15"25 seconds)
Boost after First Corner and keep close to wall on the first two dirt sections then to the middle of the second dirt part. DON'T boost in pit area and try not to slide if you can. At end of pit area boost and keep close to Hairpin. Don’t take the jump go to pit area then boost at end of the pits.

4th Lap (14"70-14"99 seconds) 
You’ve already started boosting so do the same tactic as in lap 2 but slide in the first pit area and at end of lap take pit area.

5th Lap (14"18-14"45 seconds)
Same as in lap 4 but when in the first pit area immediately get out of pits as soon until you hear  "You've Got Boost Power" then boost as soon as you hear it and keep close to wall at hairpin (Try not to touch the fuzzy thing). Slide hard over the last turn and continue to slide and complete lap and Race.

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