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F-Zero Central F-ZERO GP Legend Time Submission Rules  Reply to this Post

F-Zero Central F-ZERO GP Legend Time Submission Rules

Last Updated: 21 March 2016

Basic Ladder Rules

1. Players are reminded that FZC only accepts times set with the game cartridge and the Wii U Virtual Console. There shall be no exceptions made for allowing people to submit times set using a ROM. Any times that are found to have been set using a ROM will be deleted.

2. Submit times only achieved by yourself, don't submit times that have been achieved by a number of people. It is an individual competition it's not meant for teams. Only submit times that are shown on your records screen.

3. The use of cheat devices such as Action Replay are forbidden on the ladder. Restore points on the Wii U VC are not to be misused*. If it is suspected that any cheat devices have been used and/or restore points have been misused, that player will have their times removed from the ladder.

4. FZC reserves the right to request proof of your times. Proof could be requested at random or a concern that false times may have been submitted. Video proof is the preferred standard but understand that some people are unable to make videos, so photo proof of the records screen is accepted as well. Any requests for proof will be handled by a member of the F-Zero Staff.

5. Multiple accounts for the same player are not allowed, neither are joint accounts.

6. Finally, NO CHEATING of any kind will be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the ladders and will also be considered for immediate removal in other F-Zero Ladders on FZC.

7.  Using Lightning Volute Two Technique (LVTT) to score multiple laps at the goal is banned.  Players aren't allowed to submit times using LVTT to multi-lap, and any times suspected of multi-lapping will be deleted.  This applies not just to Lightning Volute 2 but also Mute City Expansion Park 1 and 2.

8.  Lap Inversion (using LVTT while going backwards) to score forwards laps while going backwards is banned.  Players aren't allowed to submit times using lap inversion to backwards-lap, and any times suspected of backwards-lapping will be deleted.

9.  Players are not allowed to submit times of 0 seconds on the Zero Test ladder, regardless of how 0 seconds was achieved.  This applies not only to B2, but also to C1, C3, C7, C9, B7, A6, and S4.

*Restore points may only be used to attempt fast laps and for infinite lives in Grand Prix mode. This means you can set a restore point before entering a fast lap or you can set a restore point before the timer in a five lap race starts. Misuse of restore points constitutes as using a restore point after entering a fast lap or after the timer of a five lap race starts. Even if a restore point is activated in only the first frame of the fast lap or five lap, your time will be removed, no exceptions. If a player is found abusing the restore point mechanic, their times will be subject to immediate removal from the ladder.

FZC Best and World Record Submission Rules

To have a FZC Best or World Record accepted to FZC, it must follow the requirements of full video proof. If a FZC Best/WR does not adhere to the requirements listed for full video proof, the time is subject to immediate removal from the ladder*.

Requirements of 'Full Video Proof:'

  1. The video must be a full recording of the actual run from start of the race to finish.
  2. The video must display the ending stats from the race after it is over.
  3. If the video is being recorded from a camera and not directly from the source, the player must bring the controller up to the camera at the end of the race and push buttons on the game pad to indicate that what is happening on display is in sync with the players input.
  4. The video must always be available to the public. If at any point you remove your video for any too see, FZC witholds the right to take down your time associated with that video.

*FZC Bests/World Records submitted to FZC previous to the date of March 1st 2013 do not need to adhere by the requirements of 'Full Video Proof.'

   MFOF-Zero Stuff � F-Zero Central F-ZERO GP Legend Time Submission Rules
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