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FZero GP Legend Story Mode  Reply to this Post

F-Zero GP Legend
Story Mode

by Heian-794

Here are all of the F-Zero GP Legend  story mode challenges with tips on how to beat each story and what you unlock when you do. 

*This is mostly a translation of the Japanese Version, but there are some tips included as well*

fzbf_start.jpeg fzbf_story.jpeg

In Story Mode, you'll be racing for space credits (indicated by a $), which seem to be the interplanetary unit of currency. At one point in the anime, some kind of lunch platter special is said to cost 480 space credits, so perhaps the creators set a space credit equal to one yen, which these days is between eight-tenths and nine-tenths of a US cent. This means that the 100 million space credits you get for winning a typical story race are worth about US$800,000. (And here we were thinking Alex Rodriguez was overpaid!).

You can unlock some ships by clearing story modes or "maxing out" the cash on each character (you max out by getting $2,550,000,000 by beating the objectives either really well, or multiple times)

White Cat: Clear Jody Summer's Story Mode
Astro Robin: Clear Jack Levin's Story Mode
Panzer Emerald: Clear Lisa Brilliant's Story Mode
Black Bull: Clear Black Shadow's Story Mode
Death Anchor: Clear Zoda's Story Mode
Wonder Wasp: Clear all story modes
King Meteor: Max out cash in Black Shadow's story mode
Great Star: Max out cash in Rick's story mode
Twin Noritta: Max out cash in Falcon's story mode
Queen Meteor: Max out cash in Samurai Goro's story mode
Little Wyvern: Max out cash in Lisa's story mode
Hyper Speeder: Max out cash in Zoda's story mode

In the European version, to unlock Elegance Liberty, clear Rick Wheeler or Captain Falcon's story mode.

Choose a character to see their full story mode, and tips on how to beat each one.

Rick Wheeler

Captain Falcon

Jody Summer

Jack Levin

Samurai Goroh

Lisa Brilliant

Black Shadow


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