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What is F-Zero GP Legend?

While this game follows the new anime series now showing in Japan, many details of GP Legend's story differ from those of those of other F-Zero games -- while most of the same drivers are featured, the story takes place in 2201 (not 2560) and revolves around the High Orbit Patrol, a galactic police organization.  Several cars have different numbers and drivers.  Consider this to be a different, alternate world with many of the same elements of the "real" F-Zero universe.

Ships and Pilots

(Note that because this is based on the anime and is in a different universe, many of the details in this game differ from those of F-Zero GX.)

Ship Details:

In general, a light car will jump and accelerate well, but will be easily buffeted by rival card and will not have a very high top speed.  You can compensate for the weaker side of the acceleration/top speed tradeoff by tweaking the car before the race, but things like weight remain constant.

The huge differences in boost time seen in Maximum Velocity are nowhere to be found in this game -- all cars boost for similar lengths of time.


Dragon Bird: The latest model F-Zero machine.  Well balanced, but it takes technique to maximize its potential.  (The name "Dragon Bird" is a pun, since in Japanese "ryu" means "dragon", and a "suzaku" is a kind of bird.)
Rick Wheeler (Ryu Suzaku): Once a police officer, he gets into an accident chasing his nemesis Zoda.  He wakes up in 2201 after 150 years of "cold sleep", and is introduced to the future and the world of F-Zero.
Blue Falcon: A well-balanced car that can stand up to tough races. Similar to Ryu's car, but much lighter.
Captain Falcon: His face is a mystery, but he's one of the greatest of F-Zero pilots.  Famous for his desire for prize money.

Golden Fox: First-class boosting ability, but mediocre grip and body. This car can be hard to control.
Dr. Stewart: A medical doctor with the High Orbit Patrol.  After serving his term with the Space Federation, he's now Jody Summer's assistant.

*Ship used for World Record times*

Wild Goose: This car was based on a military design, and has a somewhat weak grip.  Another holdover from the original F-Zero.
Pico: Formerly in the military, he now hires himself out as a hitman. Participates in F-Zero as a hobby. (Probably inspired, loos- and name-wise, by Piccolo of Dragon Ball.)
Fire Stingray: Goro's car focuses on toughness and a high top speed - it can't boost too well, though.  The unquestionable choice in the original F-Zero, it has a hard time measuring up in this game.
Samurai Goroh: The leader of the nefarious space pirates.  He sees Captain Falcon as his rival.  Loves his wife Lisa dearly.

White Cat: Average in other areas, this car's excellent grip makes it easy to round curves.
Jody Summer: Captain in the Galactic Police High Orbit Patrol. Well-trusted by her subordinates for her cool decision-making and quick action. Jody Summer is the one who revived Ryu Suzaku.

To unlock, complete Jody Summer's story mode

Astro Robin: Jack Levin has modified his old car from his wild teenage days to use in F-Zero. Its grip is excellent.
Jack Levin: A member of the High Orbit Patrol; he's Ryu's rival.  Once a musician as well as a troublemaking teenager.  Secretly in love with Jody.

To unlock, complete Jack Levin's story mode

Death Anchor: A machine created by the evil organization "Dark Million" from stolen Galactic Police missiles.
Zoda: A criminal seriously injured in his crash with Ryu in 2051.  Black Shadow brings him back from "cold sleep" in 2201.

To unlock, complete Zoda's story mode

Panzer Emerald: Very much like Goroh's machine, but with somewhat better statistics. Slightly more technique is needed to drive it, though.
Lisa Brilliant: Samurai Goroh's wife; she's always pestering him. Many of the members of his gang joined out of admiration for her.

To unlock, complete Lisa Brilliant's story mode

Red Gazelle: Gazelle's car has an extremely weak body, but compensates with excellent boosting.
Mighty Gazelle: A mysterious former spy for the galactic police. An accident deprives him of his body, and Dr. Stewart makes a cyborg body for him.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Iron Tiger: A solid machine with good grip, but the boost is somewhat weak.
Baba: Raised in the great wilds of the planet Gian.  He knows little of the world, and Zoda uses this to make him follow his every order.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Deep Claw: Zoda's group has invested in this old car and refined it. One of the lighter vehicles.
Octoman: Participates in F-Zero to earn money to support his 100 children, but doesn't win very often.  He's become one of Zoda's underlings.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode
Has the longest jump in the game, excellent for learning shortcuts

*Ship used for World Record times*

Crazy Bear: Endurance was the focus when designing this machine; its acceleration and grip are low.
Dr. Clash: A mechanic with the High Orbit Patrol; he created Ryu's Dragon Bird.  He also enters the Grand Prix with his own machine

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Big Fang: Designed more to damage other cars than to win races. This machine has a strong body and good grip.
Bio Rex: Dark Million has brought this dinosaur back to life from a fossil using DNA manipulation to give him human intelligence.  Sometimes combative, he can be surprisingly shy.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Mad Wolf: Developed as "an F-Zero machine that even a monkey could drive". Well-balanced.
Billy: The first monkey ever to become an F-Zero pilot. He's been trained since birth, and is better than human drivers in some areas.

To unlock, complete Zero Test Class-S with at least bronze in all tests

Wonder Wasp: Tanaka's car doesn't race very often. It's designed for boosting and high speed.
John Tanaka: Head of the Galactic Police and manager of Jody's High Orbit Patrol group.  Acts warm-hearted and fun-loving, but inside he can be shy and lack the ability to make decisions.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Wild Boar: An incredibly strong car designed to defeat opponents by crashing into them; fits perfectly with Michael's driving style.
Michael Chain: Leader of the space gang "Bloody Chain".  He's in the Grand Prix to drum up attendance in his gang, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Super Piranha: Easy to control, and safe.  Contains a high-quality audio system; ideal for a former singer.
Kate Allen: A world-famous singer who became captivated by F-Zero after singing at an opening event. She uses her riches to compete in races.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Mighty Hurricane: High boost and grip, but the body isn't up to snuff. You'll need good technique to drive it.
Roger Buster: An interplanetary delivery man; he and partner Draq have borrowed two unclaimed vehicles and are entering them in F-Zero.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Space Angler: A very easy-to-handle machine that was developed from an ordinary vehicle.  Not very powerful, but still recommended.
Leon: Comes from the planet Zu.  Normally looks human, but when racing, he transforms into a wolf.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Mighty Typhoon: A little weaker than other machines no doubt, but it's light and can really boost well.
Draq: Partners with Roger in the delivery service; he's a driver. An intense F-Zero fan, he's entering the race with a car left unclaimed after he delivered it.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Green Panther: Created by remodeling Goro's backup car.  The body is strong and it boosts well, but a weak grip makes it hard to control.
Antonio Guster: Once a space pirate and Samurai Goro's right-hand man, they've had a falling out and Antonio competes on his own.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode

Blood Hawk: Its strong body and boost can throw off opponents in a race but good technique is needed to drive it.
Blood Falcon: A clone of Captain Falcon, created by Black Shadow.  He has the same abilities as Falcon -- only his heart is different.

Randomly unlocked by completing Grand Prix mode
*Ship used for World Record times*

Black Bull: This machine is more suited towards destroying other cars than winning the race.  No other machine can match this body.
Black Shadow: The leader of the nefarious "Dark Million" organization. He's using the prize money from F-Zero to fund his group, and no one knows what evil he'll be up to next.

To unlock, complete Black Shadow's story mode

Great Star: This machine is meant to be piloted by androids, so safety is completely ignored.  It's grip is also mediocre, but it's boost is excellent.
Mr. EAD: An android created by the mysterious organization E.A.D, affiliated with the High Orbit Patrol.  He is outfitted with various devices such as high-jump boots.

To unlock, max out cash in Rick Wheeler's story mode

Twin Noritta: Excellent boost, and the grip isn't bad either.  But because its body is weak, good technique is necessary to drive it.
Gomar & Shioh: People from the planet Furikake always do things in pairs, so these two race together. Their car is quite fast.

To unlock, max out cash in Captain Falcon's story mode
*Ship used for World Record times*

Queen Meteor: Has about the same capabilities as King Arrow's car. Well-balanced speed and grip.
Mrs. Arrow: Wife and partner of Super Arrow. Unlike her husband, she's an excellent pilot, and is always helping her husband from behind the scenes.

To unlock, max out cash in Samurai Goroh's story mode

Little Wyvern: An airplane-like machine with a weak body but good boost and grip.
James McCloud: Once piloted warships for the Galactic Police, but then went solo to set up the independent "Galaxy Dogs" squadron.

To unlock, max out cash in Lisa Brilliant's story mode

King Meteor: Developed by refining the machine of driver Super Arrow's wife, this car is fast and easy to control, but is a bit thin.
Super Arrow: Calls himself a hero and a defender of justice, but in fact he's a bit clumsy.  His wife Mrs. Arrow and their owl robot Zuck help him out.

To unlock, max out cash in Black Shadows story mode

Hyper Speeder: A car with excellent grip, worthy of the hunter Beastman. Drives well in many situations.
Beastman: A hunter who protects humans from dangerous beasts.  Forbidden to hunt because of nature preservation laws, he has turned to driving in F-Zero under the nickname "Beastman".

To unlock, max out cash in Zodas story mode

Night Thunder:

Silver Neelsen:

In the Japanese version this ship can only be unlocked with an e-reader card

In the European version to unlock, complete Zero Test Class-B, with at least a Bronze in all tests

*Ship used for World Record times*

Sonic Phantom:

The Skull:

In the Japanese version this ship can only be unlocked with an e-reader card

In the European version to unlock, complete Zero Test Class-A, with at least a Bronze in all tests

*Ship used for World Record times*

Elegance Liberty:

Lucy Liberty:

In the Japanese version this ship can only be unlocked with an e-reader card

In the European version to unlock, complete Rick Wheeler's or Captain Falcon's story mode

Moon Shadow:

Misaki Haruka:

In the Japanese version this ship can only be unlocked with an e-reader card

In the European version to unlock, complete Zero Test Class-C, with at least a Bronze in all tests


Text by Heian-794. Screenshots by SamuraiGoroh

   MFOF-Zero Stuff � FZero GP Legend FAQ
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