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F-Zero Climax Survival Ladder
Course Ladder

Players in green have updated records in the last week. | Players in grey have not updated in over a month

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1. RichardTaro6'21"950'51"151'33"861'44"462'12"48
2. simanagasi6'31"440'51"641'35"511'46"242'18"05
3. Cpt.JJ7'43"240'53"181'36"772'04"263'09"03
4. BPA8'11"860'53"541'43"452'05"553'29"32
5. crawfy8'24"370'59"201'58"572'29"952'56"65
6. Copernicus10'29"441'05"011'57"932'55"714'30"79
7. RadioShadow10'31"271'00"502'08"982'40"474'41"32
8. Mandalore11'59"900'54"001'57"492'41"046'27"37
9. Emperor9113'24"340'52"372'24"223'12"126'55"63
10. bobbob213'39"800'55"851'44"631'59"329'00"00
11. ThunderPhoenix198514'13"180'57"201'47"152'28"839'00"00
12. Locks15'58"371'05"342'11"433'41"609'00"00
13. GiroG16'06"901'14"372'15"523'37"019'00"00
14. Dave Phaneuf17'39"581'51"583'05"963'42"049'00"00
15. envane19'59"860'59"865'00"005'00"009'00"00
16. Octoman20'02"822'08"043'54"785'00"009'00"00
17. Nox_fr20'09"681'58"054'11"635'00"009'00"00
18. ZeroPlus20'23"291'23"295'00"005'00"009'00"00
19. snubnose21'00"002'00"005'00"005'00"009'00"00
20. Ferris Beuller21'00"002'00"005'00"005'00"009'00"00