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Anonymous's times in the F-Zero Climax Survival Ladder

  • Submit your Climax Survival Mode times on this ladder.
  • Any track without a time will be given a default Ferris Beuller time for the total calculations.
  • The same general Climax rules apply to this ladder
  • This Ladder does not count towards your championship ladder rank
Times in green were updated in the last week. Times in grey have not been updated in over a month
Anonymousvs Valyssa
Time: 0'00"00
Time: 0'51"03 11"06 - 13"70 - 3"78 - 4"32 - 18"17 https://youtu.be/HZWXDHhXfv8
Tour Totals Total:0'00"00 Total:0'51"03 -0'51"03
Time: 0'00"00
Time: 1'39"40 A quick run before work
Challenge Totals Total:0'00"00 Total:1'39"40 -1'39"40
Time: 0'00"00
Time: 2'09"56 Random time on Wii U
Battle Totals Total:0'00"00 Total:2'09"56 -2'09"56
Time: 0'00"00
Time: 3'22"71 Old time from real cart
Violence Totals Total:0'00"00 Total:3'22"71 -3'22"71
F-Zero Climax Survival Totals Total:0'00"00 Total:8'02"70 -8'02"70
F-Zero Climax Survival Average Finish Average Finish: 23.000