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Westu's times in the F-Zero GX Max Speed Ladder

  • Please read the Time Submission Rules before submitting your times to this ladder.
  • Any track without a time will be given a default Ferris Beuller time for the total calculations.
  • Always save proof - save a ghost and replay of your best times.
  • Don't cheat - snaking and spaceflying ARE NOT allowed in this ladder.
  • All times in this ladder must be set while at 100% Max Speed settings
Times in green were updated in the last week. Times in grey have not been updated in over a month

Westuvs MFO bests
Ruby Cup
Mute City - Twist Road
Course Time: 0'49"309
Lap Time: 0'11"634
Speed: 0
Course Time:0'42"423 JkLoser
Best Lap:0'09"207 anonymous1
Speed:4205 JkLoser
Casino Palace - Split Oval
Course Time: 0'48"345
Lap Time: 0'14"675
Speed: 0
Course Time:0'43"783 Brave
Best Lap:0'13"201 Brave
Speed:3638 JkLoser
Sand Ocean - Surface Slide
Course Time: 1'43"229
Lap Time: 0'29"982
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'20"681 Brave
Best Lap:0'22"149 superSANIC
Speed:3545 The_Amazing_One
Lightning - Loop Cross
Course Time: 1'47"315
Lap Time: 0'31"496
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'29"239 FighBat
Best Lap:0'26"292 Hulmy
Speed:3569 JesusBR
Aeropolis - Multiplex
Course Time: 1'53"310
Lap Time: 0'34"939
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'30"456 CGN
Best Lap:0'25"069 CGN
Speed:4030 JesusBR

Ruby Cup Totals Course Total:7'01"508
Lap Total:2'02"726
Speed Total:0

Sapphire Cup
Big Blue - Drift Highway
Course Time: 0'56"873
Lap Time: 0'18"044
Speed: 0
Course Time:0'43"069 superSANIC
Best Lap:0'10"732 superSANIC
Speed:3813 superSANIC
Port Town - Aero Dive
Course Time: 1'51"606
Lap Time: 0'33"389
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'29"454 Brave
Best Lap:0'23"956 Hulmy
Speed:4005 JesusBR
Green Plant - Mobius Ring
Course Time: 1'28"824
Lap Time: 0'25"634
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'09"274 Brave
Best Lap:0'18"889 Hulmy
Speed:3725 JesusBR
Port Town - Long Pipe
Course Time: 2'25"428
Lap Time: 0'45"237
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'59"688 Brave
Best Lap:0'36"583 CGN
Speed:3340 JesusBR
Mute City - Serial Gaps
Course Time: 0'52"265
Lap Time: 0'15"523
Speed: 0
Course Time:0'41"901 CGN
Best Lap:0'11"710 anonymous1
Speed:3689 CGN

Sapphire Cup Totals Course Total:7'34"996
Lap Total:2'17"827
Speed Total:0

Emerald Cup
Fire Field - Cylinder Knot
Course Time: 2'48"740
Lap Time: 0'52"562
Speed: 0
Course Time:2'11"956 Brave
Best Lap:0'40"543 Brave
Speed:3394 E_Dragon
Green Plant - Intersection
Course Time: 2'09"110
Lap Time: 0'38"132
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'46"031 superSANIC
Best Lap:0'30"998 JakeSter
Speed:3533 JesusBR
Casino Palace - Double Branches
Course Time: 2'41"577
Lap Time: 0'50"156
Speed: 0
Course Time:2'00"498 superSANIC
Best Lap:0'34"213 superSANIC
Speed:3918 JesusBR
Lightning - Half Pipe
Course Time: 2'24"453
Lap Time: 0'42"991
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'57"456 Brave
Best Lap:0'36"738 Brave
Speed:3354 iowa
Big Blue - Ordeal
Course Time: 1'59"540
Lap Time: 0'36"849
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'49"171 Brave
Best Lap:0'32"205 superSANIC
Speed:3827 JesusBR

Emerald Cup Totals Course Total:12'03"420
Lap Total:3'40"690
Speed Total:0

Diamond Cup
Cosmo Terminal - Trident
Course Time: 2'33"339
Lap Time: 0'46"144
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'34"210 Rfifan
Best Lap:0'27"238 Rfifan
Speed:4122 superSANIC
Sand Ocean - Lateral Shift
Course Time: 1'29"071
Lap Time: 0'25"714
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'02"480 CGN
Best Lap:0'18"061 CGN
Speed:4284 Brave
Fire Field - Undulation
Course Time: 1'25"876
Lap Time: 0'24"964
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'14"969 Brave
Best Lap:0'22"533 Rfifan
Speed:3592 Brave
Aeropolis - Dragon Slope
Course Time: 1'57"195
Lap Time: 0'35"549
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'38"945 superSANIC
Best Lap:0'28"772 superSANIC
Speed:5648 JesusBR
Phantom Road - Slim Line Slits
Course Time: 1'56"661
Lap Time: 0'36"299
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'25"151 Brave
Best Lap:0'24"247 superSANIC
Speed:3759 JesusBR

Diamond Cup Totals Course Total:9'22"142
Lap Total:2'48"670
Speed Total:0

AX Cup
Aeropolis - Screw Drive
Course Time: 0'56"023
Lap Time: 0'15"304
Speed: 0
Course Time:0'45"994 Brave
Best Lap:0'12"257 Brave
Speed:3812 Brave
Outer Space - Meteor Stream
Course Time: 1'13"339
Lap Time: 0'20"132
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'01"541 Rfifan
Best Lap:0'17"720 Rfifan
Speed:5293 JesusBR
Port Town - Cylinder Wave
Course Time: 1'58"492
Lap Time: 0'34"531
Speed: 0
Course Time:1'33"551 Brave
Best Lap:0'28"299 Hulmy
Speed:3289 JesusBR
Lightning - Thunder Road
Course Time: 2'55"339
Lap Time: 0'50"100
Speed: 0
Course Time:2'21"539 superSANIC
Best Lap:0'42"793 superSANIC
Speed:3940 Onizuka
Green Plant - Spiral
Course Time: 3'24"735
Lap Time: 1'00"840
Speed: 0
Course Time:2'40"216 Brave
Best Lap:0'47"155 CGN
Speed:3664 JkLoser
Mute City - Sonic Oval
Course Time: 0'42"496
Lap Time: 0'12"839
Speed: 0
Course Time:0'37"111 Hulmy
Best Lap:0'07"665 anonymous1
Speed:3758 JesusBR

AX Cup Totals Course Total:11'10"424
Lap Total:3'13"746
Speed Total:0

F-Zero GX Max Speed Totals Course Total:47'12"490
Lap Total:14'03"659
Speed Total:0

F-Zero GX Max Speed Average SRPR Course SRPR: 0.8035
Lap SRPR: 0.7688
Average SRPR: 0.7862