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BPA's times in the F-Zero Climax Ladder

  • Please read the Time Submission Rules before submitting your times to this ladder.
  • Any track without a time will be given a default Ferris Beuller time for the total calculations.
Times in green were updated in the last week. Times in grey have not been updated in over a month

BPAvs MFO bests
Bronze Cup
Mute City: Six Carat
Course Time: 0'45"05 BS: 1906-1328-1253
Lap Time: 0'12"53 1914-1329-1262
Course Time:0'44"44 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"25 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: High Speed Edge
Course Time: 0'43"55 BS: 1821-1281-1206
Lap Time: 0'12"06 1821-1302-1232
Course Time:0'42"90 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'11"88 RichardTaro
Port Town: Sky Highway
Course Time: 0'57"58
Lap Time: 0'13"81 2954-1417-1387
Course Time:0'56"79 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"42 RichardTaro
White Land: Wolf
Course Time: 0'59"13
Lap Time: 0'16"55
Course Time:0'58"59 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'16"36 RichardTaro
Fire Field: Heat Circuit
Course Time: 0'47"14
Lap Time: 0'13"05
Course Time:0'46"14 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"85 RichardTaro
Mute City: Eight Carat
Course Time: 0'52"12
Lap Time: 0'14"39
Course Time:0'51"77 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"23 RichardTaro
White Land: White Wolf
Course Time: 0'55"82 BS: 2332-1640-1569
Lap Time: 0'15"69 ...
Course Time:0'55"61 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'15"65 RichardTaro
Big Blue: Arch Hill
Course Time: 1'00"72
Lap Time: 0'14"70
Course Time:1'00"33 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"18 RichardTaro
Port Town: Sky Highway 2
Course Time: 1'11"40
Lap Time: 0'16"68
Course Time:1'10"05 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'15"80 RichardTaro
Red Canyon: Inside Out 2
Course Time: 1'02"80
Lap Time: 0'17"88
Course Time:1'01"47 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'17"35 RichardTaro
Red Canyon: Barrel Roll
Course Time: 1'02"77
Lap Time: 0'16"02
Course Time:1'02"06 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'15"78 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: High Speed Edge 3
Course Time: 0'50"71
Lap Time: 0'14"31
Course Time:0'50"31 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"93 RichardTaro
Lightning: G Trace
Course Time: 0'43"69
Lap Time: 0'11"36
Course Time:0'43"32 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'10"92 RichardTaro
Mute City: Ten Carat
Course Time: 0'53"53
Lap Time: 0'14"94
Course Time:0'53"46 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"89 RichardTaro
White Land: Last Wolf
Course Time: 0'55"97 BS: 2347-1643-1569
Lap Time: 0'15"69 2347-1643-1607
Course Time:0'55"69 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'15"66 RichardTaro

Bronze Cup Totals Course Total:13'41"98
Lap Total:3'39"66

Silver Cup
Big Blue: Slalom
Course Time: 1'05"89
Lap Time: 0'17"71
Course Time:1'04"25 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'17"11 RichardTaro
Red Canyon: Inside Out
Course Time: 1'01"01
Lap Time: 0'16"97
Course Time:0'59"20 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'16"52 RichardTaro
Mist Flow: Double Link
Course Time: 1'11"39
Lap Time: 0'16"20
Course Time:1'04"15 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"34 RichardTaro
Fire Field: Front Line
Course Time: 0'37"04
Lap Time: 0'09"98
Course Time:0'34"90 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'09"59 RichardTaro
Silence: Nightmare
Course Time: 0'52"65
Lap Time: 0'14"68
Course Time:0'51"88 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'05"27 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: High Speed Edge 2
Course Time: 0'43"92
Lap Time: 0'12"32
Course Time:0'43"44 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'11"95 RichardTaro
Lightning: Trust Jump
Course Time: 0'33"12
Lap Time: 0'08"65
Course Time:0'30"65 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'08"56 RichardTaro
Mist Flow: Mist Ring
Course Time: 1'02"16
Lap Time: 0'16"03
Course Time:0'52"57 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'05"12 RichardTaro
Mute City: Cactus Circuit
Course Time: 0'46"85
Lap Time: 0'13"10
Course Time:0'46"65 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"83 RichardTaro
Fire Field: Burned Out Rink
Course Time: 0'51"87
Lap Time: 0'14"73
Course Time:0'51"22 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"31 RichardTaro
Mute City: Cactus Circuit 2
Course Time: 0'48"99 ...
Lap Time: 0'13"67
Course Time:0'48"85 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"59 RichardTaro
Mist Flow: Puzzle Ring
Course Time: 0'53"14
Lap Time: 0'13"54
Course Time:0'46"28 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'04"95 RichardTaro
Lightning: Loss Landing
Course Time: 0'32"90
Lap Time: 0'08"91
Course Time:0'32"77 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'08"24 RichardTaro
Fire Field: Front Line 2
Course Time: 0'37"69
Lap Time: 0'10"65
Course Time:0'37"63 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'09"88 RichardTaro
Silence: Nightmare One
Course Time: 1'00"36
Lap Time: 0'17"07
Course Time:0'58"73 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'05"32 RichardTaro

Silver Cup Totals Course Total:12'38"98
Lap Total:3'24"21

Gold Cup
Lightning: R Trace
Course Time: 0'45"55
Lap Time: 0'12"74
Course Time:0'45"16 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"51 RichardTaro
Port Town: Half Dome
Course Time: 0'57"68
Lap Time: 0'14"69
Course Time:0'53"39 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"57 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: Key Break
Course Time: 0'47"77
Lap Time: 0'13"24
Course Time:0'46"43 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"87 RichardTaro
Big Blue: Slip Down
Course Time: 0'47"74
Lap Time: 0'13"30
Course Time:0'46"88 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"09 RichardTaro
Illusion: Lost Way
Course Time: 0'51"91 2271-1668-1252
Lap Time: 0'12"52
Course Time:0'50"90 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'11"51 RichardTaro
White Land: Hornet
Course Time: 0'47"83
Lap Time: 0'13"07
Course Time:0'47"16 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"73 RichardTaro
Silence: Nightmare Fear
Course Time: 1'00"95
Lap Time: 0'16"97
Course Time:1'00"83 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'05"27 RichardTaro
Big Blue: Single Course
Course Time: 0'49"58
Lap Time: 0'13"55
Course Time:0'49"41 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"45 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: Key Break 2
Course Time: 0'58"00
Lap Time: 0'16"32
Course Time:0'57"76 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'16"17 RichardTaro
Illusion: Lost Way 2
Course Time: 0'57"52
Lap Time: 0'14"33
Course Time:0'56"98 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'10"13 RichardTaro
Port Town: Half Dome 2
Course Time: 0'49"15 BS: 2255-1346-1243
Lap Time: 0'12"43 2255-1401-1259 hit wall 2nd lap
Course Time:0'49"14 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'12"42 RichardTaro
White Land Hornet House
Course Time: 0'40"20
Lap Time: 0'10"01
Course Time:0'38"39 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'08"97 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: Key Break 3
Course Time: 0'54"89
Lap Time: 0'16"07
Course Time:0'46"05 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'07"50 RichardTaro
Big Blue: Twin Course
Course Time: 0'58"46
Lap Time: 0'14"99
Course Time:0'50"73 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'02"07 RichardTaro
Illusion: Lost Way 3
Course Time: 0'59"12
Lap Time: 0'14"29
Course Time:0'58"88 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'11"14 RichardTaro

Gold Cup Totals Course Total:13'06"35
Lap Total:3'28"52

Platinum Cup
Mute City: Multiply
Course Time: 0'41"61 1734-1279-1148
Lap Time: 0'11"30
Course Time:0'41"28 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'11"25 RichardTaro
Big Blue: Big Billow
Course Time: 1'06"61
Lap Time: 0'18"72
Course Time:1'04"61 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'18"00 RichardTaro
Silence: Silence 2
Course Time: 0'54"15
Lap Time: 0'15"73
Course Time:0'52"92 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"48 RichardTaro
Port Town: Great Wings
Course Time: 0'41"90
Lap Time: 0'09"58
Course Time:0'40"30 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'03"24 RichardTaro
Red Canyon: Red Canyon 2
Course Time: 0'38"56
Lap Time: 0'10"35
Course Time:0'37"64 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'09"36 RichardTaro
Sand Ocean: Sand Ocean
Course Time: 0'53"17
Lap Time: 0'14"58
Course Time:0'52"64 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'14"36 RichardTaro
White Land: White Land 2
Course Time: 0'51"48
Lap Time: 0'14"19
Course Time:0'50"03 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'13"91 RichardTaro
Fire Field: Fire Field
Course Time: 0'57"16
Lap Time: 0'17"52
Course Time:0'55"73 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'15"86 RichardTaro

Platinum Cup Totals Course Total:6'44"64
Lap Total:1'51"97

White Land: Eagle Circuit
Course Time: 1'04"52
Lap Time: 0'18"31 2719-1902-1831
Course Time:1'04"11 RichardTaro
Best Lap:0'17"42 RichardTaro

Championship Totals Course Total:1'04"52
Lap Total:0'18"31

F-Zero Climax Totals Course Total:47'16"47
Lap Total:12'42"67

F-Zero Climax Average SRPR Course SRPR: 0.9717
Lap SRPR: 0.8625
Average SRPR: 0.9171