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hobbes - a Progress Report
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So it turns out that no matter what i do, it's nearly impossible to post on this forum with my computers. This is unfortunate and i feel it really hinders the already depleting fzero community.

I did, however, find out that i can post without too many issues from my phone! Haha.

I just wanted to post an update on my progress in my climb to the top 20.

Yesterday i hit a sub 32 minute time for the course total. Not bad, considering that my last time playing was a decade ago. 20 more seconds and i'll have reached my former peak. My goal is to defeat my younger self! Very Happy

Just like i did back then, i'm printing out my rivals time cards. i slash out each course time once i beat it, and try to beat all of a set persons course times before moving on up. I ended up picking the same names i used back in the day. Why change what works...

Here is my current list of rivals:

1) Trevor Moe - Defeated all course times. Majority or fast laps left to beat.

2) Stanley Jeram - My favorite foe from the ol' days. Beat his course total, but still need to beat his RC1 time. All fast laps remain to be tackled.

3) swbelcher - Beat course total. WL2 and fast laps remaining.

4) J_Mitchell - Beat course total. WL2 and fast laps remaining.

5) David Konst - Beat course total. PT1, DW2, PT2, FF and fast laps remaining.

6) JDMartin - Defeated MC1 & MC2 time. He's still kicking my butt everywhere else...

Personal bests: so far, the only time i managed to get superior to my former self is on MC2. This actually surprised me.

If the forum's bugginess allows it, i will post more updates in the following days...i hope.

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