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Blue Falcon
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Experimenting with custom cars...
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 Okay so there's some things I wanna get squared away before I get to the point. Some of the vehicles you play may not actually run how they're actually supposed to but we're so used to how they run and work that it doesn't even matter. For example black bull is 2340kg with A,E,A stats but testing shows he has a weaker body(like a C) tiny bit better boost, and slidy grip which is also like a C. 

So I create some cars that simulate black bull and some others to get an idea of how it would really run. For Black Bull I created 3 even tho one of them is a little lighter

1.Crazy Cruiser - Megalo Cruiser, Crazy Buffalo, Sunrise 140 with 2340kg

2.Maximum Emperor - Big Tyrant, Maximum Star, Euros -01 with 2340kg

3.Maximum General - Grand Base, Maximum Star, Euros -01with 2200kg 

All run similarly but with some slight changes. The maximum star(as well as Crazy Buffalo) is a newer part that needs cheats to unlock and is the heaviest grip part which does the machines well to turn. When looking at the stats on the far right it actually looks like the assassin's creed logo. The machines have balanced stat of top speed and accel(which was surprising). When running the machine at 50/50 it goes as fast as the Blue Falcon around 1000km/h. Since the grip is actually an A there is no snaking ability and top speed around 1032km/h. You can't do this with every vehicle like night thunder or BH stats is BAE, building a BAE stat machine will not run the same due to the weight 


You might say the Black Bull has a different engine so there's no way it's supposed to run like that. But actually it is supposed to run like that(In FZero Gx). In GX the stats in the custom cars are the actual stats and there's no change or modification. Try experimenting yourselves you might find some interest in it


FSF Returns
Fire Stingray
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Re: Experimenting with custom cars...
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The only problem is, most non-custom machine's stats don't make sense (Fat Shark with a B-rated booster, even though it's the best in the entire game, Black Bull having a A-rated grip, even though it slides around easily at high speed). Some machines do have correct stats (Twin Noritta's A-rated booster, Crazy Bear's E-rated grip...), but there are only a handful of them.

To emulate Black Bull on a custom machine, you'd need it to be heavy, be able to slide around at 1300-1400 km/h from turning with the stick alone and a very good MTS ability. The "Fire Wolf" body part tends to slide around quite a bit, but I'm not sure if its MTS is good enough. The booster should be as powerful as Black Bull in terms of base speed, while the boost duration should be around the same... Triple-Z fits those criterias, since the other A-rated boosters have very low acceleration. Lastly, we need a cockpit that ressembles Black Bull's (considering that the MTS department depends mostly on the body part used, while the cockpit makes strafing easier/harder)... The two that comes to mind are Heat Snake (there's a small engine attached to the back of this cockpit, like Black Bull) and Super Lynx (a cockpit with added height to tower over the other racers). I'd lean towards the later.

The resulting custom machine would be either "Heat Wolf-Z" or "Super Wolf-Z" (both are B/B/A rated machines). Yeah, the rating doesn't really make sense if we're trying to emulate Black Bull... But most of the non-custom machine's rating don't make sense either. Anyway, that's a machine worth trying for funsies.

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Hidden Stats for Custom Parts
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 From what I can see, the vehicles never do seem to match what their description says.

For instance, they might not really have an A boost, but rather, that of a C from how they play. There are guides on GameFAQ that go over every single machine for the characters themselves and they revised the stats for the machines based on how well they performed.
Custom machines would take a bit more longer in order to figure out which part is actually much better than the others if there are hidden stats for every single one of them, since there's over 20 parts for each stat at least.

Someone will most likely have to spend the time charting those down, and if they have already, I'm pretty sure posting it here would be very nice.

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