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F-Zero X Texture Mod
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Here's a texture mod I've been working on to go along with the LoD/Widescreen hack theBoy181 made. His work brought new life to the game for me but I thought updating the presentation would make it more enjoyable, especially on modern TVs and monitors. I mainly tried to clean up the HUD and menus and with the Gameshark codes everything looks much clearer. I tried to stay true to the original vision, but had to make some changes. In the file, there are two different patches for the NTSC rom. One is only for the textures. This one should work on real hardware. I don't have an Everdrive, so if it doesn't work let me know. The other patch includes the new textures as well as the LOD/Widescreen hack created by theboy181 with his permission. That patch will only work with emulation. If someone wants to re-host this I would appreciate it. Anyway, here's the link and some media:


   Index » F-Zero X » F-Zero X Texture Mod
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