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ー FZC Community Update February 2019 ー
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F-Zero GX Time Attack History is a new and exciting video-project started by  unr3al and in co-operation with several other members of the community that has the aim to present and cover the entire progress of World Records that have been set, from the launch of the game in 2003, to the present-day. Focusing on one track at a time, the first to be highlighted is Cosmo Terminal - Trident (Max Speed), and you can check out the video of it  here.


●  yoshifan has taken over maintainance for the  F-Zero AX Locations map which keeps track of where you can find F-Zero AX arcade cabinets all over the world, as well as their current status. So far, yoshifan has added several new description-fields for each location on the map, such as last-confirmed date, and also other relevant links. It's definitely the place to visit if you're interested in playing F-Zero AX the way it was originally meant to be played.


● And lastly for the news, some of you may have been aware of a certain officially licensed F-Zero light-novel that was released exclusively in Japan back in 1992. However, the content of the novel has been more-or-less unknown to the greater public... that is until now, as twitter-user Step has published scanned images of said novel for all people to see.  In this twitter-thread you'll find the scanned images of the novel that have been posted so far, as well as additional information about its origin and content.


This month we saw 6 new 【WRs】 being set in total:
 Big Blue II: 1'56"67 by  EdwardFourZERO6
 Silence II: 1'43"64 by  EdwardFourZERO6
 Red Canyon II: 2'14"32 (NTSC) by  EdwardFourZERO6  Ladder  WR History
 Mute City - Sonic Oval: 06"458 (Snaking) by  BattleStream  Ladder
 Sand Ocean 2: 1'18"556 & 24"193 (NTSC Jumper) by  RichardTaro  Ladder (faster PAL times submitted) 
📕 Custom Track(s) / 📘 Mod / 📙 Fangame / 📗 TAS:
🎵 Music / 🎨 Art / 📷 Cosplay:

Thx for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind that updates are also posted to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord.
   Index » FZC General Forum » ー FZC Community Update February 2019 ー
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