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So do you guys like it?
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Dragon Bird
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Hi guys and gals and induviduals,

I have made a site!

It's still a work in progress, but it uses the neptunjs emulator javascript script to emulate my three* favourite mode7 F-Zero Titles: FZSNES1, FZSNES2, and FZCMX!**

If you visit the site you can see it is still very basic. But it still does the job!


Here's the link(s) if u peeps wanna check it out!

Original on github: izder456.github.io/fzonline/

Recoded for heroku: fzonline.herokuapp.com/index.html (deprecated and archived)

Recoded for heroku but prettier!: bit.ly/fzemu 

*edit: i added other mode7 F-Zero titles such as Maximum Velocity and GP Legend. Also 3d titles like: X and X Climax!

**edit: this is the translated version


also, as a bonus i included smash64 and a romhack of said game


Currently, I am trying to work on an implementation of F-Zero X DD but have failed.

Please reply if any of y'all have ideas for how to emulate this. (NeptunJS only supports cartridge roms and not .ndd files so I am using cartridge ports)

Link: fzonlinepretty.herokuapp.com/fzxdd.html



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