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Black Bull
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FZC Hall of Fame (of sorts)
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Ye this is a little something I did for fun, if you feel there are more people that should be here just reply with them (and their country), these are based on their performance or their interactions with the community (or both)



MKDSmaster91 - current SRPR champion, and one of the best FZSNES players

Edward406 - considered the best FZSNES player/ current AF champion


zewing - one of the best American players and America's 3rd best


Legend - considered Japan's best FZSNES player

Toshiyuki_Horibe - legendary Japanese FZSNES player 

PAF625 - Portugal's best FZSNES player 

ScouB - legendary French FZSNES player, still competing after 15+ years


RolStoppable - classic Austrian player


SnakeLancer - FZO specialist


Valkrum and DavidVonMoer - 2 legendary players, Brazil and Belgium's best






Daniel - current X champion and Germany's best X player


CMV - one of X's best players, 2nd best German X player


WMJ - legendary Dutch player and the Netherlands' best player


JAGG_ZERO - Australia's best player and TASer


Linner - legendary Japanese X player


Westu - legendary Finnish player


sherif - legendary French X player


JKT - legendary American X player and holder of the oldest X WR




Brave - current Max Speed champion and the only person to reach a Course Total of under 38 min.


BattleStream - current Snaking champion and the only person to reach a Course Total of under 31 min.


kanata - legendary Space Flying player


Midiman - America's best Space Flying player and overall legendary GX player


Mengsk and 1davidj - America's best Snaking players


superSANIC - America's best Max Speed player and creator of GXtreme


Unr3al - one of America's great Max Speed players and specialist in GX History


FighBat - America's best AX player


Fifa - America's 2nd best GX player and one of the best in general 


AKC12 - creator of GX Unleashed and one of the best GX players


muumu - legendary GX player


E_Dragon,STIFF and Chrizzle - Germany's best GX trio


CGN - legendary GX player and Story Mode champion


Uchiha Madao - Panama's sole representitive and one of the best GX players


Valyssa - the Netherlands' best GX player


JKLoser - Sweden's best GX player and biggest MCTR fan there is 


iowa - legendary GX player and France's best one


AfterDawn,Naegleria and GatorDraq - Canada's best GX trio of players


mtthew - best Irish player


mad_andy - classic GX player




RichardTaro - legendary GBA player, holds all CLIMAX WRs and the GPL Champion

Faust,goblin,masao,444 and Sugi - some of Japan's greatest GBA players


BPA and TBK - MV's 2 champions and both the UK and Germany's best


Yazzo - Sweden's best player and GBA legend

JuggerKnopp - America's best GPL player

Copernicus - America's best CLIMAX player and GBA skips expert

Onizuka - France's best GBA player

Kaynce and IAmTheEg7 - Canada's best GBA players

Mandalore,Randal,UHD and Cpt.JJ - 4 legendary British GBA players


Peutos - Italy's best player and MV legend


ClementLeung and RichardH - Honk Kong's best players


FLX - Australia's best GBA player 


samurai goroh - a classic GBA player




Dave Crawford






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