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Black Bull
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Introduction to Expanded Max Speed and Discussion
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What is Expanded Max Speed?

It is a new category that expands upon the Max Speed category to allow any setting between 70% to 100%. You can read the current ruleset here – Expanded Max Speed Rules

Does this affect the max speed ladder rules on this website?

It does not replace the Max Speed category, nor the current Max Speed category is going to be adjusted in anyway.

Why 72%? 70% (UPDATE)

Because at that setting, the MAX SPEED text in the setting graph changes from white to grey.

I do not want to go any lower because doing so will make snaking for more machines strong enough that it would be better for such machines to snake the entire track.

Currently Mad Wolf is the only machine that benefits a lot from snaking at 70%. I am considering adding a special rule do increase the setting floor for Mad Wolf if a player wants to use snaking with that machine.

You can use the D-Pad to adjust the setting by 1% until you hear the clicking sound.

Update: It was recently found that in the JP and possibly the Korean version of the game, the color of the max speed and snaking text changes to grey at different settings compared to the US and PAL versions of the game, which defeats the purpose of having the setting restriction be at 72%. I am likely going to adjust it so 70% to 100% would be allowed, with a special rule for Mad Wolf that would make his settings more restictive if your Mad Wolf run will take full advantage of Snaking.

Update 2: I have decided to change the Expanded Max Speed to allow settings down to 70%. Other than Mad Wolf and perhaps some weaker custom boosters, no other original machine benefits from snaking by lowering settings.

I have also decided to restrict Mad Wolf to 75% only if you want to fully utilize snaking everywhere on the track. 70% Mad Wolf is only allowed for non-snaking runs with him.

Wait snaking? Isn’t that not allowed for the Max Speed category?

While it isn’t allowed for the Max Speed category, it is allowed in the Expanded Max Speed category. For that matter, Spaceflying is also allowed, but only if you don’t use it to skip 95% of the track.

Why create a new category?

If you didn’t know, the Max Speed category is restricted to just 100%. Since that rule has been put into place over 15 years ago, there has been basically no experimentation, data gathering of the other settings. Naturally this lead to players not having much incentive to try out serious runs with different settings. There is still some depth to explore in this game and I am hoping this will help garner more activity to F-Zero GX.

Also many machines simply can go faster at sub 100% settings. And there is a real chance that world record times can be improved further when utilizing these other settings, perhaps with a different machine than what a current WR uses.

And finally I believe there should be a category that doesn't restrict the player from performing snaking and spaceflying without those two techniques being broken.

If I have a run where I do not set the machine to 100%, can I submit it anywhere?

Currently it can only be submitted to the Open Ladder. If there are enough players wanting to keep track of such runs, we can create a spreadsheet to keep track of the times.

There is a new tab added in the Machine vs Staff Ghosts spreadsheet for this category. If it happens to beat the time there, let us know and we will update it

There is a new website in the works that will allow you to submit any number of runs that you want, however details of when it will be ready are still unknown.

Show me that reducing your settings can be faster!

Sure thing. This list of videos will be updated as I record more gameplay

100% vs 72% - Golden Fox on Multiplex

BBDH Spark Moon – 100% vs 72%

Which machines would go faster with sub 100% settings?

If your machine meets any of the criteria below, then it will likely be better. However, track selection does matter a lot too.

-Any machine with a base acceleration of at least 0.5 - Update - It seems that at an acceleration of 0.6 and greater, the top speed gets affected more when reducing settings. It still might be worth reducing settings especially on courses with many dash plates.

-Any machine with an awful acceleration (Fire Stingray, Space Angler, custom machines with low acceleration)

-If the machine has a base drift accel of greater than 1.0

-There might be cases where a machine with a base accel between 0.4 and 0.49 may want to reduce settings. It is more track dependent

What should I consider when trying to decide what setting to use?

You can check out my write up on how the settings effect various machines stats. I discuss how these changes to the stats affects which setting you should use. Here are some of the main points to consider, however there are likely many scenarios where there isn’t a clear-cut answer.

·         Does my machine lose a lot of top speed if I reduce the settings? The custom machines with the Titan -G4  booster loses a lot of top speed as you reduce the settings. The reduction of top speed with that custom booster and machines with a similar accel stat is simply too much for lowered settings to be worth it.

·         Does the track have a lot of boost plates or not? If it does, you should try out reducing your settings, probably to 70% unless the machine has a big drawback for going that low.

If there are very few boost plates and track has few or no jumps and shift boost opportunities, then perhaps higher settings would be better to take advantage of the increased top speed.

·         Am I going to MTS chain a lot? If you are, then this is a case of perhaps not reducing your settings because when you lower your settings, many machines’ turn decel stat will increase. An increased turn decel stat makes the machine lose more speed when turning and strafing, which impacts how fast your machine goes when MTS chaining.

·         Does my machine lose a lot of speed when quick turning at 100% and the track has a lot of sharp turns? If so, if you aren’t going to use side attacks or MTS to mask this weakness, or you think it’s too much of a draw back to do those things, lowering the settings for the following machines will make it lose less speed when quick turning

  • Red Gazelle / White Cat / Golden Fox / Mad Wolf / Super Piranha / Astro Robin / Green Panther / King Meteor / Queen Meteor / Night Thunder / Blood Hawk / Wonder Wasp / Crazy Bear / Black Bull / Pink Spider / Spark Moon

·         Will I be going at speeds well over 2000 in courses other than Lateral Shift? If so, it is likely better to stick with settings closer to or at 100% because of the better speed retention those settings would provide compared to a lower setting.

You have mentioned various numbers for certain stats, where do you find them?

Internal Stats Spreadsheet

Additional Details regarding Turn Decel and other stats that change depending on setting.

I have done a detailed write up on how turn deceleration changes based on your machine setting and the machine’s acceleration, linked here. In short, when your machine’s acceleration stat goes below certain values, that machine’s turn decel stat changes significantly. The table in the Turn Decel section of the write up lists the key settings for each machine where there's a big jump in the turn decel value.

You can check out my contextualized machine data spreadsheet here which contains key details regarding Turn Deceleration for the original machines and custom machines with the Titan -G4 and Thunderbolt -V2 boosters

Feel free to ask for clarification or if you want suggestions on what setting/machines to try out. I will be posted some of my thoughts and additional videos 

My video playlist of Expanded Max Speed runs


F-Zero GX Machine Top Speeds (0%/50%/70%/100%)

All of my GX times with various machines: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12c92zTykQvGwPoCU6yGuOb7lwxFENUC9ELbHZcse1qE/
Black Bull
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Re: Introduction to Expanded Max Speed and Discussion
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I have written up my observations and other thoughts from my session yesterday where I tried a variety of machines at various settings to see if they can beat the max speed WR. Posted on a google doc since formatting here is strange


Here's the full vod of yesterday's session. Time stamps are included in the description

And here are highlights from yesterday

All of my GX times with various machines: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12c92zTykQvGwPoCU6yGuOb7lwxFENUC9ELbHZcse1qE/
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