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Blue Falcon
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Finally Found a Rival
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So by chance I heard that Mew2King's times were recorded in 2003, and so in curiosity I compared them to mine. When I did a couple days ago, I found that our times were extremely close, between all 26 courses I was only 3.486 seconds ahead, and the times were largely within a second of each other. For me, this was a big deal, because it means that in many ways my goal of setting up a new category years ago was to find people to compete with. Given how long ago M2K's times were recorded and how close to mine they are, I am certain that his tech is the same as mine. I have since grinded several tracks that he held the most time over me reaoning that these were likely my least optimized tracks and sure enough I got even more time saved and am currently 17.308 seconds ahead of him. It feels good to have finally found a competent rival, and in a 14 year old M2K. Let me know if you are aware of anyone else whose times I could compete with in a similar fashion.

   Index » F-Zero GX » Finally Found a Rival
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