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Black Bull
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How to use FZC (for newcomers)
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 Alright, this is made for people who are new to FZC and/or want to join it but don’t know how to use the site, don’t worry you’re not the only one.


1 - Setting up your Account

After creating your account and verifying it, it’s best to set up some stuff before submitting times


For Profile information the most important thing to set up is your location, there you just write your country and nothing else, and I do mean JUST YOUR COUNTRY, no cities, no states, nothing else.

For some countries you use the abbreviations (like USA and UK), with some oddities like NewZealand (dunno why it’s like this). Also make sure you write it in English. If your country lacks a flag on the ladder please reply to this post and I’ll notify the mods.

Signatures are messages that will appear under your post, they are purely cosmetic and if you don’t want one you can leave it empty.

MFO settings are more advanced things that require you to enter specific codes in there, unfortunately I’m not familiar enough to help with this, but it too is purely cosmetic.


You can choose your preferences, these are completely up to your...well, preferences, so pick what you want.


You can set up a profile picture that can be viewed on your posts, this is such a torture that I can’t recommend it to anyone.


You can make changes to your Profile at any time you want.


2 - Submitting times

Now that your profile is set up, you might want to submit some times, this will explain the overall info and some ladder specific stuff


2.1 - Overall

To submit a time, first click on the icon of the game you want.

Next click on “Your Times”, depending on the game you may have different categories, you can change it by clicking “Change Ladder” and selecting it.

Once you’re done with that, click “EDIT” on the top right.

You’ll see some filler times, those do not count in any way to your rank, and have no value.

And like this, you can now enter your times, you can submit as few as a single time or as many as a whole sheet, you simply find the Track and then put in your Course and/or Lap time(s), you can also pick what machine was used for the time, and you can leave a comment with stuff like your splits, settings or to just rant and goof.

The new Proof feature lets you link either a video or a photo of the time you submit, if you have one of course. It’s mandatory only for WRs but it’s encouraged for others to do so too, both to be sire you’re not faking and so that other players can help you out with advices. To add proof simply click the option when submitting a time and put a link, you can add it later too.

If you want to look at a specific track’s leaderboards you can do that by clicking “View Track Records” and picking the track you want, once there you can pick what type of time you want to look at. The used machine and time difference between the run in front are showed next to all times.

Please remember to follow the rules of the game you’re playing.



2.2 - Unique Ladder options

On SNES and X you’re given the option between PAL and NTSC, you pick this depending on what version of the game you’re playing, this is done since PAL is 5/6 the speed of NTSC and needs to be recalculated to match, I suggest looking up what countries use PAL or NTSC, but just know that every release from the Wii U after uses NTSC.

Unlike the other games, for GX instead of picking the machine you used you have to type it out, this is a simple difference.



2.3 - How ranking works

All the ladders use AF (Average Finish) as the main ranking system, it counts how your times have ranked and it ranks you based on that, the more times and the better ranks, the better your ranking will be. You can view your individual Course and Lap AF in the very bottom left of your times page. Your AF score updates once a day at a certain time for each ladder, but your stats at the bottom left of your page update immediately.

SRPR is the former ranking method (now only a  secondary one), it works on how close you are to a WR (with 1.0000 being the WR, and everything else being lower), this system only counts your times in order, meaning it sometimes doesn’t count any of your other times due to an empty spot, it’s infamous for constantly bugging out and giving people an impossible score. In general it’s a very buggy system that has most use as a way to see how far from the WR you are. Unlike AF, it updates immediately.

Each ladders has totals (Course, Lap and/or Speed), these are your combined time from all your times of that type, they don’t affect the overall ladder but are a good way to see how you’re doing, since there are also Cup totals.



2.4 - Bonuses

If you run more than a single game, all your points will get combined into the Overall ladder, it’s not really important but it’s a fun bonus to see which people are good at multiple games.

You can set up a Rival to compare your times with, by clicking “Set Rival” on your times page and entering the player you want to compare with, it can also be done by clicking the Lightning icon next to a player on the ladder.




3 - How to use the Forums

If you’re not interested in running or just want to post, it’s really easy.

If you want to make a new post on any of the forums, click the “New Topic” button, to make a reply to a post click the reply button (doesn’t matter what post you click on in the topic), if you want to reply to a specific post click “Quote”, you can edit your posts at any time, but you can delete them only if there isn’t one after them.

If you don’t know what any of the tool buttons mean or are scared by them, you can find what they mean in the Help section

You can also send PMs with players, the button for it is under the player’s picture, it works like a normal post (but private), you will get a notification when you’ve received one, and you can reply to them.



And this is what I could think of for now, if you need help with something not mentioned here or need more explanation, please just reply to this post and I will help out, чао for now.

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