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FZero MV Course Guides: Pawn 1
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F-Zero MV Course Guide: Pawn 1 - Bianca City: Stretch
by Logan West

Target Time:

Recommended Vehicle: Fighting Comet
Recommended Opponent: Master Wind Walker

This is by far one of the easiest levels in the game, yet it will still take a lot of finesse and skill to get a really decent time (I admit that I don't have that "decent time" myself). Getting bumped by the Wind Walker multiple times is desirable but rather hard to do as well. For me at least.

Lap 1: Target Time= 30"00

It's rather hard for me at least to get under 30"00 but I have done it.

Take the starting boost and prepare to strafe. You can't really predict what will happen on this lap, the more boosts you get from sir Wind Walker the better. Just take everything as they come and try to get a time somewhere around 30"00, if you can do a lot better than that then feel free to do so

Taking the jump won't really help a whole lot unless you have just had a bump from the rear.

Another little trick is to hug the left wall at that large patch of dirty stuff that you have to work your way around. If you hit it just right you can go in between the dirt and the wall, this will cut off a lot of time if you can pull it off, but I usually just went around anyway.

Lap 2-5: Target Time= 21"85

For these laps, come into a R-strafe out of the two zippers and across the finish line. Hug the walls as close as you dare and somewhere around the second small corner before the jump, hit your booster. This should allow you to get the maximum use of your zippers and boosters. Another little way to figure out when to fire off you boosters is to experiment and watch your speed. If your speed has dropped to about the same when you trigger your boosters as when you end up at the zippers, you're doing well.

So after the jump, land in a direction that will take you right next to that left wall in the slow-down zone. Since your booster is still going, you can make it through this slow-down zone without well, getting slowed down! Hug the left wall all the way into that stretch (with the funny yellow "drag" on the sides) and then glide into the end. I like to L-strafe along that stretch and then R-strafe/slide around that last corner. Hit the booster and then the far right boost as well (at least that's what I like). Rinse and repeat.

Detailed version of this map here.

Bianca City - Stretch
Stark Farm - First
Empyrean Colony - Dash
Stark Farm - Second
Cloud Carpet - Long Jump

Tenth Zone East - Snake
Beacon Port - Crossroad
Synobazz - Explosive
Ancient Mesa - Split
Stark Farm - Third

Bianca City - Tightrope
Ancient Mesa - Skating
Crater Land - Skid Zone
Cloud Carpet - Icarus
Bianca City - Ultimate

Crater Land - Loop
Tenth Zone East - Plummet
Empyrean Colony - Twist
Fire Field - Land Mine
Fire Field - Warrior


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