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Dragon Bird
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Machine stats
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I've been playing the F-Zero series since the original SNES F-Zero was relatively new, and using the Body/Boost/Grip system since its debut in X.  I get the general vague hand-wavey stuff about the stats- Body is general strength/power/stability, Boost is general acceleration and boost power, Grip is how well the machine holds to the course- but I'm still a little baffled from a game-design perspective as to why they rely on such vague terms on a 5-point scale to try and convey all of what makes any machine stand out from the 30+ others in the field.  Are the Body, Boost and Grip stats really much more concrete measurements than I've been able to discern, and if so, what is the formulaic approach to going from those stats to a more general notion of how a machine behaves without actually driving the machine?


Based on my own sense from experience,

Body is an amalgamation of:

  • Weight
  • Durability (energy bar size)
  • Max speed(?)

Boost is an amalgamation of:

  • Acceleration (under normal thrust)
  • Additional speed granted by booster
  • Additional speed granted by dash plate
  • Duration of boost
  • Energy consumed by boost(?)
  • Max speed(?)

Grip is a measure of

  • Lateral deceleration (e.g. when turning, when knocked sideways)

With a little extra info, such as an explicit statement of weight and/or top speed and/or acceleration curve I can usually piece together how a machine will perform- e.g. a heavy machine with an aparently slow acceleration curve but high boost rating probably has a powerful or efficient booster; a machine with low body, low weight and high boost probably has great acceleration but a lower top speed, particularly if it also has low grip for drit turning.  However, no game in my memory has laid out all such interactions explicitly, and Climax in particular is very scant on the additional info which might allow me to make solid inferences, so I'm wondering if there's a better way to go about things, and if I'm even correct on what I've quoted above...


Edit: just noticed the F-Zero General forum.  Mods feel free to move this thread over.  I'd gone looking for a more general place to post this, but hadn't seen the master forum list in my browsing of the MFO F-Zero pages Razz

   Index » F-Zero Climax » Machine stats
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