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    Index » F-Zero General » 【FZC Community Update October 2017】
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【FZC Community Update October 2017】
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Hey everyone. Now that we have a working home-page again thanks to the work of  yoshifan, I thought a good idea would be to start making some community updates for the site. I've always liked that aspect of the Mario Kart Players' Page community, and thought it would be a benefit for the FZC community as well to start doing something similar. Unfortunately I won't be able to include things like new members to the site like they do, or how many people were active in total and so on, since as far as I know there's no easy way to keep track of that kind of statistics. But there's still a lot other stuff that I think is worth mentioning which hopefully motivates this sort of update.

I'm not sure if this will be a regular thing or not – who knows, perhaps I will burn out after just writing this one update. But the idea is to do them somewhat consistently at least. Maybe once every month, but we'll see if that makes sense or not. Most likely I'll just make them whenever I feel like it and I think there's enough content for it. This month probably was the exception anyway for the amount of activity we've seen.

Also if there's something that you think is worth mentioning which is not mentioned here, then feel free to just make a reply below. So without further ado, here's what's been going on as of late:




  • As mentioned at the top,  yoshifan has recently made considerable updates to the website which is very much appreciated. Thanks to him we now have a working home-page, and he also fixed several bugs that had been tormented the site for many (many) years, which should make it much more user-friendly. He's been keeping track of those updates in this topic.
  •  WMJ and  Yazzo were recently interviewed in an officially licensed Nintendo book about FZC and FZSNES. I posted some pictures of it in this topic.
  •  SuperSANIC has now passed  CGN on the Max Speed ladder in everything except the Course Total, which effectively makes him the new GX Max Speed champion.
  • FZC no longer has an "official" Discord. Instead the Discord has been re-branded and is now called F-ZERO Nexus to avoid some confusion.


In total, 19(!) World Records were set in the month of October (actually more than that, but I will only count those which are the current WRs). I'm not sure how that compares to other months in the past, but it definitely feels like it's been more activity than usual in this regard.



In FZSNES, thanks to the release of the SNES Classic and with new rules being introduced, it's now way more convenient to compete in the game than ever before, especially for Fast-Laps. Both  EdwardFourZERO6 and  zewing took advantage of this and traded Fast-Lap WRs throughout the month. Eventually EdwardFourZERO6 came out on top, and was able to set 10 new Fast-Laps in the process. Besides those Fast-Laps he also improved his DWII time to get it under 1'50 (much thanks to a new opener strat):



GX had some WR activity as well in the Max Speed category. Also here it was apparently the month of Fast-Laps as  1davidj After Dawn and  superSANIC all set new Fast-Lap WRs, and all on the same track (PRSLS), with SuperSANIC having the current fastest time. We also saw a new Fast-Lap WR on SOSS by superSANIC, as well as a new WR on GPMR by  Brave:



We saw two new WRs in GPL by the current overall FZC champion  RichardTaro:



And finally,  Daniel makes a welcomed return to X at the end of the month and sets a new PAL WR on WL2:


Here I will just link to stuff that isn't exactly FZC related, but still F-Zero related content that's maybe worth knowing and/or checking out:



  •  AKC12 got into AGDQ with a GX Max Speed All Tracks Time Attack speedrun. See the announcement on twitter. This will be the first F-Zero speedrun appearance at a GDQ-event since 2015.
  •  StarkNebula is continuing to work on his exciting GX Stage Editor-project. He's made a couple of videos about it on Youtube. If you're interested and perhaps even want to try help contributing to the project, then definitely check 'em out.
  • Want to help translating F-Zero Climax to English? If so click here.




Music remixes:


Random retweets:



Well I guess that about covers it for this update. Again we'll see when the next one will happen (if it will at all). But I'll probably keep updating Twitter as usual, so just visit that one if you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to Facebook and Discord if you prefer any of those.


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Re: 【FZC Community Update October 2017】
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Yazzo, this is so freakin' awesome that you guys are still maintaining the F-Zero community!  I love it, even the original name is back.  So cool.

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