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    Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update November 2017】
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【FZC Community Update November 2017】
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Wow, it's already been a month, huh? Time sure flies... Well, I wasn't sure if I was going to do an update for just November as I thought there simply wouldn't be enough to report on to warrant it. But it seems like I was wrong on that. While arguably not as much noteworthy stuff has happened as compared to last month, there's still a lot of things worth mentioning that happened this month, so I think it still makes sense to make one. We'll see if December will be a similiar case in terms of activity. But in any case, you can probably expect another update then as I want to try make a summary for the whole year when we get there.

As always, if there's anything missing, just make a reply below. Alright, here's the update for the month of November:



  •  AKC12 has brought up the possibility of changing some of the rules in the GX Max Speed Ladder. More specifically he's wondering if (i) Snaking should be allowed, and (ii) if lower than 100% settings should be allowed. You can read the on-going discussion about these suggestions  in this topic.
  •  Dave Crawford makes  an apperance on the site! For those who don't know, Dave is the original creator of FZC, so it's pretty cool to see him visiting the site after so many years. You can read more about the history of this community  here.



This month we had 9 new WRs being set in total, with the majority of them being set in GX.



In GX, the trend continued with people going for Fast-Lap WRs.  Brave began the month by setting a new Fast-Lap WR on FFCK – which also makes it so only 2 remaining Max Speed WRs are still lacking video-proof (The Fast-Laps of GPI and LHP). We also saw two new Fast-Lap WRs by  After Dawn – one on MCTR, and the other one on MCSO. Worth mentioning though is that the MCSO time was set already in October, but revealed by After Dawn in November. This caused a bit of a stir as  Hulmy thought he had set a new Fast-Lap WR on MCSO, but at the time wasn't aware of After Dawn's unrevealed record. The lesson to learn out of this is that you should always reveal your WRs to the community when you get them to keep the competition fair and respectful.

In GX we also saw  BattleStream setting a couple of new Snaking WRs. Firstly new Course and Fast-Lap WRs were set on GPI, and then lastly and most noteworthy, he also took down  Mad Andy's ancient MCSO Course and Fast-Lap WRs that had lasted since 2005(!). With these new WRs, BattleStream continues to dominate the Snaking Ladder, and now only got 10 more WRs left for him to beat to have all of them in his possession.

Max Speed:




The other remaining WRs came from  RichardTaro in GPL, who set new Course and Fast-Lap WRs on FFWC.



  1. A list of Shift Boost set-ups and speed limits for dangerous hills
  2. Strafing Shift Boosts
  3. Exiting a MTS with side attack(s) for MTSISBs
  • AKC12 has also announced a  2.0 update of his GX Unleashed mod. Important to note is that there are two versions of this update; One with the normal courses and one with the Story Mode courses playable outside of Story Mode.
  •  WMJ is continuing his project to make Time Attack tutorials for all F-Zero X courses.  Here's his latest on Red Canyon. Also be sure to check out all his other tutorials  here.
  • Memory is continuing her project of creating Grand Prix TASes of F-Zero Maximum Velocity courses. The latest one is a  1'48"93 time on Pawn 2.
  •  1davidj did a live speedrun of F-Zero GX All Tracks Snaking at the  A Race Against Time marathon. Check out the VOD of the run  here.





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Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and  Discord if you prefer any of those.


   Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update November 2017】
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