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    Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update December 2017】
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【FZC Community Update December 2017】
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Happy holidays! As promised, for this update I will attempt at writing a small summarize for the year. I thought a good idea would be to go through each game individually and write a bit about how many players have been active in them and what kind of activity we've seen on the ladders (with the focus being on the more popular ladders for each game). Other than doing that, some other highlights this year which I think are worth mentioning beforehand include seeing FZSNES being re-released with the SNES Classic, FZC being featured in Playing with Super Power, the modding activity we've seen in especially GX and FZSNES, and lastly seeing  yoshifan fixing a lot of bugs which had tormented the site for many years.

All in all I thought this was a pretty good year for FZC, and we've also seen a great deal of activity outside of FZC, which indicates that despite the bleak situation when it comes to the possibility of a new game, the F-Zero community is still going pretty strong after all these years, which is pretty rad.

Alright, that's enough of that. Here's now a bit of a summary for each game. Below that I'll also go through some of the stuff that happened in the month of December:


Disclaimer: All ranks inside the brackets are based on Average Finish. This seems to be the one most people prefer when it comes to ranking players. However, I do think it would be great if we could agree on a combined ranking system sometime in the future which includes not just AF but other factors as well to determine the ranking of a player.

  • In FZSNES we saw 22 pilots being active. We also saw the continued dominance by  EdwardFourZERO (#1) who secured his overall 1st place on the ladder even more firmly by setting 12 new WRs over the year, including taking down another WR by  Legend on MCII in December. This makes it so he only got two remaining WRs by Legend to beat for him to have all WRs in the game. We've also seen some good activity from especially  MKDSmaster91 (#3) and  Zewing (#28) who both set some very strong times this year, and could possibly challenge Edward in the next year if they continue playing.
  • In X we saw 21 pilots being active. One of those include  Daniel (#1) who sets a couple of new WRs this year. No one continue to be anywhere close to Daniel in the rankings, and unless something drastic happens in 2018, he will probably remain at the top going forward. Other than Daniel, we didn't see a ton of activity from the top players, though both  WMJ (#3) and  deltablast54 (#7) did submit a couple of times each. We also saw some activity by WMJ in the Expansion Kit ladder, where he's now behind Daniel with only 90 points.
  • In MV we saw 6 pilots being active.  BPA (#1) improved one of his Fast-Lap times, but otherwise we didn't see any activity from the top players in this game.  SuperSANIC (#76) and  FSF Returns (#80) are the only other two players in the top 100 who submitted new times.
  • In GX we saw 56(!) pilots being active. Starting with Max Speed, the big happening here was that  superSANIC (#1) overtook  CGN (#2) as the highest ranked player.  Brave (#3) also reached a milestone this month by passing CGN in the Course Total and SRPR rankings. It will be very exciting to see who will be at the top in 2018 out of these two players. Although if CGN becomes active again it's definitely not unlikely that he could regain his title. As for the other ladders, we saw no activity from any of the top 100 players in the Open Ladder, but in the Snaking Ladder,  BattleStream (#1) proceeded with dominating this ladder by setting 17 new WRs just this year. In the top 20, we also saw some activity from  RichardTaro (#8) and  Mengsk (#20).
  • In GPL we saw 6 pilots being active. The main activity we saw here was from  RichardTaro (#1) who set 16 new WRs this year. We also saw  IAMTheEg7 (#49) Vonkatz (#66) and  FSF Returns (#80) being active in the top 100.
  • In CX we saw 6 pilots being active as well. And just like in GPL, the main activity we saw was from  RichardTaro (#1) who so far this year has set 8 new WRs in this game. However, one pilot in  TMshock (#31) has shown some promise by having submitted several top 3 times to the ladder. So perhaps in the next year we'll see someone who could finally challenging Taro again.
  • And as for the Overall Ladder RichardTaro (#1) remains at the top, with  BPA (#2) and  Yazzo (#3) keeping their positions from last year as well. Not much has changed on this ladder from what I can tell, but one highlight worth mentioning is that  superSANIC goes from rank #28 to rank #19 while still having no times submitted in GPL or Climax.


Highlights from the month of December:

  • As mentioned briefly in the summary,  Brave has now passed  CGN in the GX Max Speed Course Total (and SRPR ranking). See the  announcement by Brave.

  •  WMJ is back with another F-Zero X Time Attack tutorial, this time for  Devil's Forest 2. Be sure to check out all his other tutorials  here.

  •  Memory has continued her project of creating Grand Prix TASes of F-Zero Maximum Velocity courses, and these are the latest ones that's been released:

  • If you haven't heard about it yet, F-Zero Online is a community that's creating new multiplayer mods for all F-Zero games. Visit their  Discord to learn more about all their projects, which include the just recently announced ACE Mod for FZSNES, as well as a  multiplayer tournament that's starting this week.

  • And lastly for the highlights, a brief reminder that  AKC12 will be doing a speedrun of GX at AGDQ taking place January 7th-14th. Here's the  schedule with local times included. Make sure to tune in and cheer him on if you can!


This month we had 14 new WRs being set in total.


In GX we only saw WR activity in Max Speed, with  Brave setting a new WR on PRSLS, but also losing a WR to  superSANIC as he sets a faster time on GPI. Other than those times we also saw a new Fast-Lap WR by  Hulmy (the first ever F-Zero WR set by an Australian), and finally  Mengsk improves the WR on Story Mode - Chapter 5 (Very Hard).



After having mostly focused on GPL as of late,  RichardTaro changes his focus to Climax for December, having set a goal of subbing 46 minutes in the game. He's already done that and more with the help of the following new WRs:



In X we saw some surprising WR activity with  dkr_paddy setting a new WR on Mute City in the rarely played PAL Jumper category. However it didn't last long as  RichardTaro took back his WR in quick fashion the very next day:



Finally in FZSNES,  EdwardFourZERO6 seems to have begun trying to achieve all WRs in the game. He was able to beat  Legend's MCII WR by a mere frame this month, and now only got MCI and MCIII remaining until he has them all in his possession:


▣ Videos:

♫ Music:

Other Stuff:


Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and  Discord if you prefer any of those.

Happy new year!


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