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    Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update January 2018】
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【FZC Community Update January 2018】
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  • AKC12 also hosted his yearly  F-Zero GX 2017 Year in Review where he and others discussed and showcased the progress and activity we've seen in the game during last year.



  • ...And speaking of FZO, they recently released their latest version (1.1) of the CLASSIC Mod. You can grab the mod at their  Discord.

All changes:

- No need to wait for the spaceship on pit areas anymore

- You can now turn while the machine is stopped

- Reverse drifting (like in GBA games) is now a thing

- Small fixes for some quirks the game has (AI cars won't technically "collide" with other invisible AI cars, etc.)

- Players infront will show up on the minimap on Grand Prix (was only possible on Practice mode)


  • New F-Zero X Tutorials by  WMJ (now done live on his  stream on the weekends):

 Mute City 2 
 Big Blue 2 
 White Land
 Fire Field 
 Silence 2
 Sector Beta 
 Red Canyon 2

  • New TASes by   JAGG_ZERO and  Memory:

 Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Cold Planet 9 - Prelude
 Backwards F-Zero X Climax: Sand Ocean - High Speed Edge
 Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Smooth Clouds 8 - Peril 

 F-Zero Maximum Velocity TAS First Circuit (Pawn 2) 1'47"60


  • All Staff Ghosts have now been defeated by all vehicles in F-Zero X (thanks to the usage of AGG).

 Tweet with proof attached

 A Video of the Mute City Staff Ghost being defeated by Black Bull


This month we saw 8 new WRs being set.



In FZSNES, Zewing came up with a creative new strategy on Red Canyon II using a wall-bump to take a specific corner a bit faster. This allowed him to set a new Fast-Lap WR (25"41), though it didn't last for long as EdwardFourZERO6 immediately took it back with a time that was a few hundredths faster (although not by using the new seemingly faster strategy invented by Zewing). In addition, Edward also improved his Fast-Lap WRs on Red Canyon I and Fire Field this month:



In F-Zero X, dkr_paddy was able to set a new PAL Jumper Fast-Lap WR on Mute City (24"114), though this time also didn't last for long as RichardTaro took back his WR on the course the next day. Also this month we saw WMJ to his own surprise setting new Course and Fast-Lap WRs on Silence 3 (Expansion Pack):



Lastly, we also saw some rare WR activity in the naturally rarely played BS F-Zero 2. MKDSmasher91 was able to set new WRs on both Sand Storm I (1'46"14) and Sand Storm II (1'23"21) which were his first ever obtained WRs in any F-Zero games. However,  EdwardFourZERO6 were quick to take back his WRs by the very next day, and some days later he decided to improve both courses even more resulting in the following new WRs:


▣ Videos:

♫ Music:

» Other Stuff:


 Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord if you prefer any of those.

   Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update January 2018】
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