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    Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update February 2018】
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【FZC Community Update February 2018】
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  •  WMJ is continuing his project of providing high-quality Time Trial-guides for F-Zero X. Here are the latest ones produced:


 White Land 2

 Mute City 3

 Rainbow Road

 Devil's Forest 3

 Space Plant


  • There's now a F-Zero GX Staff Ghost Challenge for the  GX Unleashed mod by  AKC12. The mod features 2 staff ghosts per track, 30 tracks, and 41 machines with supercharged stats.  Link to the spreadsheed.



1. Tapping the A button to regain your machine's grip and change its direction

2. Detailing the complex matter of how boost state and dash plates impacts the various MT Points.

3. A discussion about DPDMT (Dash Plate Delay MT)


  • A couple of new TASes were again made this month by  Memory and   JAGG_ZERO:


 F-Zero Maximum Velocity TAS Snake Circuit (Knight 1) 1'37"20

 [TAS] Backwards F Zero X Custom Track: Smooth Clouds 5

 [TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Port Town - Cylinders


  • And lastly for the highlights, over at the  F-Zero SNES speedrun rankings you're now able to submit times for different ships and for individual cups as well.


 This month we saw 7 new WRs being set in total.



In F-Zero GX,  Brave improved the Max Speed WRs on Outer Space – Meteor Stream with times of 1'02"107 and 18"298 (set in the same run), and in the Snaking-division  BattleStream set new WRs on Fire Field – Undulation with times of 1'08"337 and 20"548:


 Outer Space - Meteor Stream: 1'02"107 & 18"298 by  Brave

 Fire Field – Undulation: 20"548 by  BattleStream

 Fire Field – Undulation: 1'08"337 by  BattleStream



In F-Zero X,  JAGG_ZERO found a  new strat on Mute City which allow for AGG to be used on the opener, which in turn allowed  WMJ to set a new NTSC WR with a time of 58"479 (the first ever sub 1 minute time on this track). In the progress he also improved the NTSC Fast-Lap WR with a time of 14"662 (though he did set a time of  14"55x too that unfortunately is not legitimate under current FZC rules as the time wasn't saved in-game). In addition,  RichardTaro once again set some WRs this month with new PAL (Jumper) improvements on Devil's Forest with times of 23"480 and 1'22"619:


 Mute City: 14"662 by  WMJ

 Mute City: 58"479 by  WMJ

 Devil's Forest: 23"480 by  RichardTaro

 Devil's Forest: 1'22"619 by  RichardTaro


▣ Videos:

 F-Zero GX with Splatoon Music: Story Mode

 F-Zero X Next Generation [Course Editing] - The Making Of: Devil's Forest

 F-Zero X custom track-(rollercoaster)

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Death Anchor

 F-Zero VS Highlights #1

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v2.0): Wild Goose (Master GP Showcase)

 F-ZERO X CLIMAX Music mod version 2- Announcer!!

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Twin Noritta

 F-Zero: X - Port Town: Highway Metropolis ft. 3rd Custom Tune


 F-Zero X MK64 Wario Stadium with GaMetal Waluigi Pinball music

 GXTREME V3 - Ruby Cup on Master Difficulty with Bunny Flash

 Déjà Vu

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Sonic Phantom

 DBFZ Mods - Captain Falcon Release Showcase

 F-Zero VS Alternate Strike Ace Mod 0.3


♫ Music:

 F-Zero X - The Long Distance of Murder (Metal Cover)

 old song from 2004 (F-Zero X-style)

 F-zero Soundfont #1 - Original Tune!

 F-Zero: Xtreme Velocity - "Alone in Stark Farm"


» Other Stuff:

 GX texture mod - Ancient Blue - Drift Highway

 F-Zero X Machines & Portraits

 Fat Shark Recolor Pack

 I think this is the closest thing to a new nintendo Fzero on the switch as we are going to get



 Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord if you prefer any of those.

   Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update February 2018】
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