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    Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update March 2018】
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【FZC Community Update March 2018】
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  • We now have an active Youtube-channel thanks to Snake who wanted to begin contribute to it. For starters, he's uploaded an  update-video to show what to expect from the channel in the future.


  • A huge shoutout to  WMJ who has now completed his very useful F-Zero X Tutorials project by finishing off the last couple of tracks:

 Sand Ocean 2

 Port Town 2

 Big Hand

Check out the  playlist where you can find all previous tutorials.


  •   AKC12 has compiled  machine stats data for all F-Zero GX original machines and certain custom machines. He then proceeded to rate them out of 10 in three different categories (Boost Acceleration, Boost Top Speed and Boost Duration), which then were combined into an overall rating.  Here's a summary of the ranking as it turned out.


  • New month, new awesome TASes from  Memory and   JAGG_ZERO:

 F-Zero Maximum Velocity TAS Crossroad Circuit (Knight 2) 1'57"29

 [TAS] Backwards F-Zero X EK: Mute City 4 - Slim Half-pipe ~ 0'50"882

 [TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Tidal


  • Two new tournaments have been announced: First off, the F-ZERO GX Nexus Cup Tournament which will start on May 1st. Sign-ups and rules can be found  here. Secondly, F-Zero VS will be hosting their second major F-Zero SNES tournament in the F-Zero Classic (VS) Fire Field Championship which will begin on August 3rd. Sign-ups and rules for this event can be found  here.


  •  Valyssa performed an F-Zero GX All Tracks Time Attack speedrun at BSG Monthly #21.  Link to the VOD.


  • An exciting new project by themistik called the F-Zero Garage has been announced. If the project becomes reality, this would seemingly be a very useful service where you can share custom F-Zero tracks to each other in a much more convenient way than ever before.  Read more about the project.


  • A substantial amount of new F-Zero GX mods have been released this month. Check out the  F-Zero GX Gamebana page to learn more about them.



 This month we saw 6 new WRs being set in total.


In F-Zero X,  WMJ continued to play Mute City using the new strategy that was found last month by  JAGG_ZERO, but this time on the PAL version instead. He managed to improve both WRs on this track with times of 1'12"889 and 18"171 using this new strategy. Also active was  RichardTaro who continued to play PAL on the Jumper-setting. This time, he set new WRs on Port Town 2 with times of 1'49"631 and 33"296:

 Mute City: 1'12"889 & 18"171 (PAL) by  WMJ

 Port Town 2: 1'49"631 & 33"296 (PAL Jumper) by  RichardTaro



In F-Zero GX,  Hulmy set a new Max Speed WR on Mute City - Sonic Oval with a time of 37"111. We also saw a welcomed albeit temporary comeback from  CGN who improved his own Snaking WR on Mute City - Twist Road with a time of 29"746. And just before the end of the month, Brave set new Max Speed WRs on Aeropolis - Screw Drive with times of 45"994 and 12"257:

 Mute City - Sonic Oval: 37"111 (Max Speed) by  Hulmy

 Mute City - Twist Road: 29"746 (Snaking) by  CGN

 Aeropolis - Screw Drive: 45"994 (Max Speed) by  Brave

 Aeropolis - Screw Drive: 12"257 (Max Speed) by  Brave


▣ Videos:

 F-Zero X Fun with texture codes

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Wild Boar

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Pink Spider

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Wild Goose

 F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 2.0): Master Class beaten with Red Gazelle

 F Zero X Next Generation Tournament - Queen Cup [Preview]

 GO FAST!!!!! [F-Zero GX]


♫ Music:

 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie - Boss Battle F-Zero: X Style


» Other Stuff:

    F-Zero True Horizons

 my brain is leaking out of my ear


 A new, easy way to port tracks to FZX


 Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord if you prefer any of those.

   Index » FZC News and Updates » 【FZC Community Update March 2018】
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