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Uchiha Madao
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FZX Expansion Kit ladder rules change
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 given recent developments and the fact enough time has passed, we've decided to change the rules for the FZX EK ladder to allow flash carts.

here's the new section within FZX's rules page:

FZX Rules change
Flashcart Rules
Due to how difficult it is to obtain a 64DD and Expansion Kit and how much flash carts have advanced in the last decade, it's been decided that times set using one of these will be allowed with certain conditions:
1. You must use either an Everdrive 64 v2.5 or v3 or a 64Drive flash cart. these are the only ones tested by the community to work correctly with the FZX + EK combined rom.
2. No cheat codes are allowed. the flash carts posses cheat code functionality but it should be avoided at any cost. patches aren't allowed either.
3. Only the japanese FZX + EK rom is allowed. we want to ensure there's no difference between the game played on real hardware and played with the flash carts. using the unmodified combined rom is the closest to that. also, patching a normal FZX rom with EK tracks is not allowed since there's a couple of differences between the regular rom and the combined rom.
4. When using a flash cart to set times, you must mention it in the comments section.
Proof will be handled in the same fashion as in the rest of the games. that means you need video proof if you get a WR time or very close to it. 
Video proof is important given the possibilities of modification, which means times set with a flashcart will be under tighter scrutiny.


these are the changes for now. if things go well, the next step would be similar rules for the regular games, especially for Climax but we need input from each game's competitors for that and more testing of their respective game's behavior with flash carts (or iso loading in the case of GX)

"Patience is useful in any moment"
   Index » FZC General Forum » FZX Expansion Kit ladder rules change
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