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ー FZC Community Update June 2018 ー
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  • USB Loaders are now officially allowed for the F-Zero GX leaderboards. You can read more about it  here.




  • And even earlier this month, we also had F-Zero X and GX runs by  1davidj and  superSANIC being shown at  A Race Against Time 2018. Check out the VODs of the runs  here and  here.


  • A reminder that the F-Zero SNES online tournament "F-Zero Classic (VS) Fire Field Championship" will begin on August 3rd. Sign-ups and rules for this event can be found  here.


  • New TASes were published this month by  JAGG_ZERO and  superSANIC:

 [TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Mute City 5 - Sloping Area

 F-Zero GX - Aeropolis Multiplex TAS (40"882)




  • Speaking of F-Zero X, an  HD emulated version of the game has been released to the public by the user theboy181. A download-link can be found in the description of the video.


  • And lastly for the highlights -- and really to no ones surprise -- Captain Falcon is going to be playable in the next Smash iteration. More of a surprise though is that old stages such as Mute City and Big Blue from SSBM are making a return.  Here's a video of some Captain Falcon footage, and  here's also some images from the announcement.
This month we saw 7 new 【WRs】 being set in total.
In F-Zero SNES,  EdwardFourZERO6 consistently continues to be active, this time by having set a new NTSC Fast-Lap WR on White Land I:
 White Land I: 21"60 (NTSC) by  EdwardFourZERO6  Ladder  WR History
In F-Zero GX,  superSANIC began the month by setting a new Max Speed WR on Story Mode – Chapter 6 (Very Hard). Then,  Brave set a new Max Speed WR on Green Plant – Spiral, followed by  After Dawn who set a new Max Speed Fast-Lap WR on Port Town – Aero Dive. Lastly,  CGN improved the Max Speed WR on Mute City – Serial Gaps (note: this time was set 6 months ago but was unknown until now):

 Story Mode - Chapter 6 (Very Hard): 2'23"382 (Max Speed) by  superSANIC  Ladder

 Green Plant - Spiral: 2'40"216 (Max Speed) by  Brave  Ladder

 Port Town - Aero Dive: 26"695 (Max Speed) by  After Dawn  Ladder (time not submitted)

 Mute City - Serial Gaps: 41"901 (Max Speed) by  CGN  Ladder (time not submitted)

In F-Zero X -- you guessed it --  RichardTaro was once again active with setting more PAL Jumper WRs, this time on Big Blue 2 which got both new Course and Fast-Lap WRs:
 Big Blue 2: 1'04"334 & 19"912 (PAL Jumper) by  RichardTaro  Ladder (time converted to NTSC)
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Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord if you prefer any of those.

   Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update June 2018 ー
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