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    Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update July 2018 ー
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ー FZC Community Update July 2018 ー
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  • F-Zero Central has implemented guidelines for its ladders in addition to the existing rules. The purpose of these guidelines is to inform all players of good practices to ensure a productive, healthy competitive atmosphere. Read through them  here.


  • We have also introduced new Staff Members to the site, specifically for F-Zero GX. Those are  AKC12,  FighBat,  1davidj and  Oval. All current FZC Staff Members and their roles can be viewed  here.


  • "F-Zero Final v.01" is a newly released mod for F-Zero SNES with the aim of combining all original content from all the different versions of F-Zero SNES into one final game. For the v.01 version, Ace League from BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 is now playable together with the other leagues, and in addition, all 20 tracks are also possible to play in Practice Mode. This project is a foundation for an upcoming new level editor called "FZEdit", which eventually will also be included in the product together with other various features. You can read more about the project and download the alpha release  here.


  • Once again a reminder that the F-Zero SNES online tournament "F-Zero Ace (VS) Fire Field Championship" will begin on August 3rd. There are still some spots available if you're interested in participating. Sign-ups and rules for this event can be found  here.


  • F-Zero X champion  Daniel has uploaded several videos of some of his old PAL【WRs】from the past. Check out the videos at his  Youtube channel.


  • Got any F-Zero X custom tracks you want to share? If so,  here's a subreddit dedicated to sharing new custom tracks.


  • New TASes were published this month by  jagg2zero:

 [TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Electronic City 5 - Mirror Coordinates

 [TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Climax: Lightning - G Trace


  •  Valyssa did a couple of speedrun showcases this month. First an F-Zero X Climax run at  BSG Monthly #24 which you can watch a VOD of  here, and then later also an F-Zero Climax run at  Handheld Heroes Marathon 2018 for which a VOD is available to watch  here.


  • And lastly for the highlights, Happy 20th anniversary to F-Zero X (July 14th, 1998), and happy 15th anniversary to F-Zero GX (July 25th, 2003)!!
This month we saw 11 new 【WRs】 being set in total (7 in GX, 4 in X).

 Aeropolis - Multiplex: 1'30"456 (Max Speed) by  CGN  Ladder (time submitted by FZC Staff)

 Aeropolis - Multiplex: 25"069 (Max Speed) by  CGN  Ladder (time submitted by FZC Staff)

 Aeropolis - Dragon Slope: 1'33"102 (Snaking) by  BattleStream  Ladder

 Lightning - Loop Cross: 1'29"480 (Max Speed) by  Zewing  Ladder

 Port Town - Aero Dive: 23"956 (Max Speed) by  Hulmy  Ladder

 Casino Palace - Double Branches: 36"522 (Max Speed) by  superSANIC  Ladder (time not submitted)

 Casino Palace - Double Branches: 2'03"218 (Max Speed) by  Brave  Ladder (time not submitted)

 White Land I: 1'16"355 (PAL) by  jagg2zero  Ladder (time converted to NTSC),  WR History (NTSC & PAL combined)
 Sand Ocean 2: 1'18"696 (NTSC Jumper) by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Sand Ocean: 1'02"641 (PAL) by  jagg2zero  Ladder (time converted to NTSC),  WR History (NTSC & PAL combined)
 Sector β: 58"829 (NTSC) by  Daniel  Ladder (Daniel has a faster time in PAL, which is the converted NTSC time that's currently submitted to the ladder),  WR History (NTSC & PAL combined)
▣ Videos:
♫ Music: 

» Other Stuff:


Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind the account also auto-updates to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord if you prefer any of those.


   Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update July 2018 ー
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