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ー FZC Community Update December 2018 ー
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 Overall Ladder summary for 2018 (SRPR based):


● After 5 months of competition, the winner of the F-Zero Climax BRONZE Cup Tournament 2018 is  Valyssa! You can check out the full results of the tournament  at this page.


F-Zero Nebula Highway is a new F-Zero SNES mod made by Alejandro. It features 15 custom made tracks, as well as new visual features among other things. You can check out a trailer for the mod  here, which is also where you can find a download-link for it.


● And speaking of mods,  FSF Returns has started working on a F-Zero Maximum Velocity mod called F-Zero Ludicrous Velocity. This mod aim to balance all the ships in the game to a near equal level. To download the mod, you will have to join the  FZN Discord and look at the pinned messages in #fz-mods.


● A new texture patch for F-Zero X has been made by kaSparta. It will give the game better a better looking HUD and menus, and will look good together with the HD/widescreen hack that was made by theboy181.  Visit this page to download it, and  here's a video showing the patch in action.


● Version 1.3 of F-Zero VS (for F-Zero SNES) has been released. New for this version is that it's now also compatible with the F-Zero Final mod. To download the new version, join the  FZO Discord and click on #fzvsnesfiles.


●  superSANIC has released version 2 of his XTREME Texture pack for F-Zero GX. The new version includes re-modified machine skins among some other additions, improvements and bug-fixes. Download the new version  here.


● And lastly for the news, if you're attending  GDQ early next month, you may want to know that  apparently there will be an F-Zero AX cabinet (with motion seat!) available at the event.

This month we saw 7 new 【WRs】 being set in total (1 in SNES, 1 in X, 5 in BS F-Zero GP 2).
 White Land II: 2'06"37 (NTSC) by  EdwardFourZERO6  Ladder  WR History
 Sand Ocean: 56"417 (NTSC Jumper) by  Daniel  Ladder
 Mute City IV: 20"14 by  EdwardFourZERO6
 Big Blue II: 22"15 by  EdwardFourZERO6
 Sand Storm I: 19"99 by  EdwardFourZERO6
 Silence II: 19"79 by  EdwardFourZERO6
 Sand Storm II: 15"80 by  EdwardFourZERO6
★ Custom Tracks/Mods:
♫ Music:
✎ Art:

Thx for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind that updates are also posted to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord.
   Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update December 2018 ー
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