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Dragon Bird
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F-Zero MV Google Review (by me!)
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search up f-zero: maximum velocity on google an read away boy/girls/induviduals.


At first, the gameplay and controls can seem like a slidey nightmare. but with the help of blast turning, or mashing the accelerator on tight corners, the turning is a piece of cake. The only downside to this game is the lack of a fully featured time attack mode. The games time attack mode is just the championship course. I wish the game had more tracks to do in the time attack mode. The replayability is phenomenal. I bought this game used for 8 bucks on amazon, and boy, do I love the value. The best machine (vehicle) in this game may seem like it kinda sucks in the max speed stat but with boosting you go crazy fast and can complete a lap or two (on one boost!). This machin, however, is a pain to unlock. There are password generators online to easily unlock this vehicle based on the username the player chose when starting this game. The password screen can be accessed in the grand prix car select menu by pressing these buttons in order, L,R, Start, R, L, Select. You will definitely enjoy this must have mode7 racing masterpiece.


feel free to leave reviews on any of the other fzero titles and please reply with the game reviewed and the review itsself.

   Index » F-Zero MV » F-Zero MV Google Review (by me!)
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