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Black Bull
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A revamped Skips guide
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 because the current one is outdated as all hell

I'll try to list as many skips as possible, since some tracks have multiple ones, also will use Taro's WRs as examples for the really advanced ones 


Bronze Cup

Mist Flow Clip Oval - the first true skip...and honestly an easy one, performed the same way in both an opener and a FLap, like this, with a SA on an opener if you use the NT, if you feel unsure bout it on the opener I recommend using Blood Hawk, Twin Norrita, Golden Fox and/or Deep Claw (ironically these machines are what you'll use the most), but in any case after you get boost...it's one of the easiest skips in the whole game


Lightning Volute - one of the easier skips to perform, being the same way on both an opener and a FLap, here is a video example, however if you're new I'd recommend using machines like the Twin Noritta and Deep Claw at first, to get a general understanding of how its done, and if you're not used to the NT, use Blood Hawk too. Overall a really easy skip


Lightning Volute 2 - alright, this one has 2 ways to do the skip , the H A R D way, which whilst a bit faster can be inconsistent, so I suggest doing the same strat that I use, basically when you reach the first jump, let the magnets drag you into the one on the other side, after which bounce to the same one that Taro does, and on FLaps you just boost when hitting it so you just skip that jump, I find this way easier and way more consistent...and the Wild Goose can do this 2nd Strat so its really that easy. 


Bonus: When taking the Jump in Red Canyon Junction (1 and 2) you can skip a bit of the track and go on the straight (with the boosts and/or energy strip) directly 



Silver Cup (this cup alone has 16 skips, counting shared skips between tracks)

Silence Box Rink - ok this one is also pretty easy, however it can be done only with boost, like this, the Blood Hawk is the best choice for the track in general, but the TN, DC and GF should do the job too


Sand Ocean Caterpillar (1 and 2) - ladies and gentlemen the tracks with the most skips, each having at least 3 (SOC1 having 6 skips alone) and all equally bs, a lot of machines can do (most of) the skips on SOC1, which are these, with this being the most important one, also done on SOC2...speaking of SOC2, its got just 5 skips used, and unlike SOC1 you can use the NT due to the jumps being shorter, but I recommend using the Deep Claw when you start off on both, overall....both are easy and absolutely broken tracks, with the last skips being shared on both, and yes they can be done on Zero Tests that are on either track


Mute City Expansion (dong) Park (1 and 2) - these 2 share one single skip...and it's not an easy one, it goes like this on both, it can be done with the TN, BH, DC and GF, and yes, you can do it in Zero Test. The real problem is not knowing if you've got it or not till the end of the lap, I recommend checking if you pass the energy strip, it's the most consistent way I know for checking, also I recommend playing around with the settings, but it can be done with Balanced Accel/Speed. Overall I rate this skip a pain


Big Blue Slip Highway (1 and 2) - the last skips of the Silver cup...and it's another shared one, you do it like this , with a slighty change on BBSH2, where you take the closer jump, it can be done by literally any machine...well at least the main part of the skip, once you get used to it, try to hit the jump before the end directly, and yes, also used for ZT, but its really easy overall



Gold Cup 

Port Town Forked Road - I'll split the 3 skips individually because they each hace different uses this one is on both versions, and its used mainly in ZT like this, however trust me, you should use it on PTFR2 for a while, but its really easy, I recommend the DC and GF for this one

    Forked Road 1 - at first it might be hard but its fairly easy, it goes like this , and it can be done by pretty much all top machines (and the Sonic Phantom, which is the best machine for this)

    Forked Road 2 (easy skip)- this one is  used mainly in ZT like this, however trust me, you should use it for a while, but its really easy, I recommend the DC and GF for this one

    Forked Road 2 - .....ever felt pain and suffering? if not here it is, It may look easy but trust me it'll break your soul. use the Deep Claw for this and set it to Max Acceleration, blast turn as you take the jump, and spam SA for dear life, dont try it if you're new, trust           me...either that or get some training montage music ready


White Land Flower - ok lemme just state that I myself suck at this skip, the fastest strat is this , however if you're like me and are not good at doing that, just use a machine like the DC and jump straight to the finish, the opener strat for the skip can be done by a bunch of machines, and is used in ZT, so ye its not hard overall


Red Canyon Peak Jump - another easy one, you do this on all laps (much easier on laps 2-5), the Noritta and Claw are good choices (especially the Deep Claw if you're new), and the Blood Hawk for FLap

   Peak Jump 2 - see some genius made the skip from PJ1 so easy that you can do it no problemo...so instead you get Forked Road 2's less abusive cousin on laps 2-5, this skip isnt hard but more or less inconsistant, best you can do is hit the quarter of the jump that's closest to the wall...even then you may lose all momentum by landing on the wall on the other side, but still



Platinum Cup (most of these skips are the same as the originals...but better)

Silence - literally the same like in SNES, except you take the jump and skip way more , and its another easy one


Port Town 2 - again, like the original skip except there you get pulled back to the middle of the track...whilst here you can do it even on Lap 1


Red Canyon - on lap 1 you take the last jump and skip the turn, the rest of the laps you do it like in the original but better because boost power

White Land 2 - and much like the rest the skip is like on the original, except on lap 1 you do need a cheeky SA, on the rest Boost power like usual...ya know I feel Porthor got the idea bout the SNES skip from this game



Championship - this one can only be done for FLaps...well you can try on a 5lap if you want but you can see why ya dont want to, it's similiar to PJ2's jump but mixed with EP, its not that hard once you get the hand but not consistant enough for a 5lap run imo


so ye, those are all the skips in GPL (excluding small corner cuts, and intended shortcuts), hopefully this helps some of you since some of these arent on the Guides page

also I recommend doing Flaps with these first, get the hang of em before trying 5laps

if anyone wants any more "guides" like these just ask, it's better to have new players know than them quiting because they dont know something

   Index » F-Zero GP Legend » A revamped Skips guide
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