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Black Bull
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Trying to explain all major shortcuts
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 Im mainly making this for newer players or those who dont know them well, so for people like me...this is stuff you already know, and if not ya should


Silence (FLap) - for this I recommend clearing out all the bombs first, this is performed on the jump in front of the dirt patch and a bit before the S turns (or as i call it, the Silence S), you need to stay on the right side of the road, do a quick left turn, and before hitting the jump, turn on a S-Jet, take the jump and go to the left, hold down on the DPad the whole time till you land...personally I used this method in my PB, do the jump as usual but at the end, do a rough landing (aka dont hold down), if you want try this way but I can't guarantee its faster, but it helped me


Port Town I and II (Laps 2-5/FLap) - the first Major skip of this game, for this you need at least ~440 km/h speed with any machine to do this skip (if you dont have that speed use a S-Jetright before the jump), do a sharp right before taking the jump, hold down on the DPad again, and once you get near the other side of the track, stop holding down to get a rough landing, and go slightly left after the landing, since in any case you'll get dragged a bit (doing this makes you get closer to the place where you'll be dragged), after which use a S-Jet (if you used one earlier it will be still going), this is done the same on both tracks, here's a visual example (with the goose)


Red Canyon I (All Laps) - this can be done as soon as the opener, once you get to the jumps, take the first one, then land on the 2nd one, and for the 3rd one land exactly on it, then lean to the right and steer at the end of it (hold down on the DPad the whole time), if you dont hit the last jump properly, you'll fall short (pun entierly intended), note that for FLaps you skip the firsst jump, but in all cases you need to perfectly land the 2nd and 3rd jumps, here's an example of how they should be done

*note for RC2 - even tho its not a skip, be sure to hit the right edge of the arrow shapped jump plate, this is just a jump related tip


White Land I (All Laps) - this one can also be done as early as the opener, once you get to the straight of Jumps, (on lap 1 take the 2 on the far left to gain speed, after which) take the 5th jump at a tilt to the right, followed by a sharp left turn, so you can hit the last jump, hold down on the DPad for both of these jumps, and on the last one try to not go too far to the left, since you''l be dragged back (try to land around the place where the jump plate would be on the other side), here is an example of it (with the goose again)


White Land II (All Laps) - there's 2 skips on this track, the first one is a bit iffy on lap 1 but on laps 2-5/FLaps its pretty easy, when you take the jump near the end, hold up on the DPad and dive towards the 2nd jump plate then turn right once you hit it, hold down and make sure to land on the track on the left once you do it, example


White Land II (FLap) -...I'll reuse my old guide for this, in short before the jump, you slam into the wall, boost, try to slide into the jump at an angle where you're aiming at the finish, hold down on the DPad and MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE FINISH I LOST SO MANY RUNS CAUSE I WAS ON THE WRONG SIDE....anyways here's how it looks (clip by Felix), prepare to suffer, I had to sit till midnight to get it once (thanks Porthor)


Silence II (All Laps) - yes Im including the BS tracks too, but really the clip here explains itself  (clip by Edward because I dont have BS F-Zero), it also shows a small the cut before it, where you just jump more to the left, and yes you hold down on the DPad the whole time


and these are all the Skips that arent just go trough dirt , you'll need practice with these but once you get the hang of them, you'll realize how easy they are (except the new WL2 skip that is pain), I might do more guides for other stuff if newbies need help with something else...welp hope this helps actual runners, Im not one anymore so this is best I can do for the new ones

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