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ー FZC Community Update May 2020 ー
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Recent Updates on the FZC Website

1) Ladder rankings now sort by Average Finish Score by default, instead of SR/PR Score. You can still click on the "SRPR Score" column to sort that way, though.


2) Added a "Change Ladder" dropdown to the "Your Times" and "Latest Times" pages. This now lets you switch to a different ladder in the same game.


F-Zero GPL Records Page

At last,  F-ZERO GP Legend now also has an up-to-date  Records Page thanks to  Faizer. On the page, you'll also find links to playlists which contain videos of all current records in the game.


World Record Country Ladder

And lastly for the news,  Faizer has also compiled a  WR Country Ladder list where you can see which countries got the most accumulated WRs counting all F-Zero games.

To not much surprise to anyone, the country who by far got the most amount of records at the time of writing this post is  Japan, who currently are sitting at 392 records in total. 2nd and 3rd place in the list are occupied by  Germany (105) and  USA (59).

 F-ZERO GP Legend  Main Ladder

 Mute City - Championship: 16"52 by  Faizer  Ladder   
 Port Town -Forked Road 2: 05"68 by  Faizer  Ladder           
 Red Canyon - Peak Jump 2: 15"25 by  Faizer  Ladder
 Mute City - Tradition Park 2: 14"17 by  Faizer  Ladder  
 Mute City - Tradition Park: 13"56 by  Faizer  Ladder       
 Silence - Honeycomb Rink: 11"92 by  Faizer  Ladder
 Mute City - Mute City: 10"88 by  Faizer  Ladder          
 Sand Ocean - Caterpillar: 05"94 by  Faizer  Ladder         
 Port Town - Port Town 2: 11"19 by  Faizer  Ladder       
 Red Canyon - Peak Jump: 17”18 by  Faizer  Ladder
 F-ZERO GP Legend  Zero Test Ladder

 Zero Test - B3: 07"15 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - A8: 07"08 by  FLX  Ladder   
 Zero Test - S1: 06"18 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - C4: 04"08 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Zero Test - S5: 12"25 by  FLX  Ladder    
 Zero Test - C7: 04"63 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - C5: 04"38* by  Faizer  Ladder
 Zero Test - A10: 16"85 by  FLX  Ladder                
 Zero Test - S10: 18"20 by  FLX  Ladder    
 Zero Test - B1: 06"60 by  FLX  Ladder   
 Zero Test - C1: 05:30 by  FLX  Ladder   
 Zero Test - C6: 04"25* by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - A5: 06"18 by  FLX  Ladder                      
 Zero Test - A7: 06"37 by  FLX  Ladder    
 Zero Test - A3: 12"38 by  FLX  Ladder
 F-ZERO Maximum Velocity

 F-ZERO X ー Main Ladder

 Red Canyon 2: 17"869 (PAL) by  JAGG_ZERO  Ladder (time converted to NTSC)  WR History
 Custom Tracks /  Mods /  TAS /  Fangames /  Tutorials



 Tunes /  Fanart /  Memes / 🔗 Misc


Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind that updates are also posted to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord.

   Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update May 2020 ー
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