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Blue Falcon
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ー FZC Community Update August 2020 ー
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New rules for Climax

After a community decision, the mGBA emulator has been allowed for  F-ZERO CLIMAX under certain conditions.  Full rules can be found here. Please note that this is ONLY for Climax, not the other games.

In the rule book you can also find new rules for save-state usage, particularly when it comes to set-ups for fast laps. A discussion for that topic can be read by clicking  here.

Please read the rules carefully before submitting times to the site.


Adding website features related to proof rules

 yoshifan has been working on new features for the site with the aim to make proof rules easier to follow and enforce.

You can find a detailed walkthrough of these new features  in this topic.


 Zero Test - B1 06"55 by  RichardTaro  Ladder」 
 Zero Test - A5: 06"15 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - S1: 06"07 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - B8: 09"35 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - B1: 06"55* by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - B9: 06"61 by  FLX  Ladder
 Zero Test - C8: 05"21 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Zero Test - B5: 08"70 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Zero Test - B12: 24"07 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Zero Test - C6: 04"22* by  FLX  Ladder
 Mute City - Expansion Park: 14"47 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Mute City - Expansion Park 2: 14"63 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Red Canyon - Peak Jump 2: 15"08 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Red Canyon - Peak Jump 2: 1'22"71 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Silence - Honeycomb Rink: 1'03"79 by  RichardTaro  Ladder
 Silence - Honeycomb Rink 2: 1'25"26 by  RichardTaro  Ladder




 Survival - Tour: 50"89 by  Speed_Racer  Ladder
 Survival - Challenge: 1'31"96 by  Speed_Racer  Ladder
 Survival - Battle: 1'41"68 by  Speed_Racer  Ladder
 Illusion - Lost Way: 47"47 by  Speed_Racer  Ladder
 Illusion - Lost Way 2: 51"33 by  Speed_Racer  Ladder
 Illusion - Lost Way 3: 52"91 by  Speed_Racer  Ladder
 Fire Field - Front Line II: 36"10 by  Valyssa  Ladder

 Port Town 2: 1'25"598 (PAL) by  JAGG_ZERO  Ladder (time converted to NTSC)  WR History

Thanks for reading this update! If you want to keep yourself more regularly updated with F-Zero related content, check out our  Twitter. Keep in mind that updates are also posted to  Facebook and the  FZN Discord.
   Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update August 2020 ー
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