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ー FZC Community Update September 2020 ー
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Staff Decisions subforum

FZC have decided to make a  subforum for staff decisions. The goals of this subforum is to keep track of in-progress proposals for rule changes or other major FZC decisions, publicly archive past FZC staff decisions and to create a system where everyone's on the same page regarding the speed of decisions.

You can read more about how it works  in this topic.  


New website features

As mentioned last month,  yoshifan has been working on implementing  new website features, and now, the features are also publicly available.

All players may now edit their records to add proof links (for all games) and which platform was used (Climax only for now). Mods may now start verifying video proof. Let us know if you find a bug!


e+ Complete!

The complete e-Reader content for the japanese release of  F-ZERO GPL is now also available for everyone to enjoy! This is because hacker extraordinare  Guy Perfect has recently created a mod that incorporates all of the e-Reader content into one single copy of the game. Hooray! 

 Click here to read more about the project, and also for a download-link if you want to play it.


Track Time Pilot Info
Lightning - Trust Jump  08"40  Faizer   


Lightning - Loss Landing  32"42  Faizer  Ladder
Lightning - Loss Landing  08"00  Faizer  Ladder
White Land - Hornet House  08"86  Faizer  Ladder
Big Blue - Twin Course  02"00  Faizer  Ladder
Lightning - R Trace  12"49  Faizer  Ladder
Sand Ocean - High Speed Edge 3  13"90  Faizer  Ladder
Mist Flow - Double Link  02"42  Faizer   


Mist Flow - Mist Ring  02"36  Faizer  Ladder
Illusion - Lost Way  04"42  Faizer  Ladder
Illusion - Lost Way 2  04"51  Faizer  Ladder
Illusion - Lost Way 3  04"38  Faizer  Ladder
Silence - Silence 2  14"44  Faizer  Ladder
Red Canyon - Red Canyon 2  09"27  Faizer   


White Land - White Land 2  00"99  Faizer  Ladder
Fire Field - Fire Field  15"69  Faizer  Ladder
White Land - Eagle  17"12  Faizer  Ladder
Fire Field - Front Line 2  35"88  Valyssa  Ladder
White Land - White land 2  41"25  Speed_Racer  Ladder
Mist Flow - Puzzle Ring  43"88  Speed_Racer  Ladder
White Land - White Wolf  15"49  Speed_Racer  Ladder
Red Canyon - Inside Out 2  16"91  Speed_Racer  Ladder
Mist Flow - Double Link  58"43  Speed_Racer  Ladder
Big Blue - Twin Course  50"40  Speed_Racer  Ladder
Port Town - Sky Highway  10"64  RichardTaro  Ladder
Red Canyon - Barrel Roll  06"30  RichardTaro  Ladder
Fire Field - Front Line  08"80  RichardTaro  Ladder
Silence - Nightmare  02"06  RichardTaro  Ladder
Fire Field - Front Line 2  08"86  RichardTaro  Ladder
Silence - Nightmare One  02"03  RichardTaro  Ladder
Silence - Nightmare Fear  02"05  RichardTaro  Ladder
Sand Ocean - Key Break 3  04"22  RichardTaro  Ladder
Port Town - Great Wings  02"44  RichardTaro  Ladder
Zero Test - C1  02"65  Faizer  Ladder
Survival - Tour  50"78  Speed_Racer  Ladder

Track Time Pilot Info
Silence - Honeycomb Rink  1'03"79  RichardTaro


Silence - Honeycomb Rink 2  1'25"26  RichardTaro


Red Canyon - Peak Jump 2  1'22"71  RichardTaro



Track Time Pilot Info
Sand Storm 1  1'45"77  MKDSmaster91 

 no ladder

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   Index » FZC News and Updates » ー FZC Community Update September 2020 ー
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