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Black Bull
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WW Flaps on all tracks
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Alright, now that I've finally done flaps on all tracks, and 15/21 are PBs, I think I have enough understanding to say where it works and where it don't, with what the average times I've gotten with it were

Lemme just quickly drop the obvious ones (aka the ones where its got a WR) - P2 PF K1 K3 KF B1 Q2 

Now for the interesting ones 

P1 - It's fairly decent, it can get a '19 but best I managed is "7Xs, it's biggest problem is the finish since it cant take 2 boosters, and if you did you cant DDT (19"7x)

P3 - not really good, it can get low '21s but it loses too much on the booster part, and on everything after (21"2x)

P4 - surprisingly good, no WR contender but you can get a "18 as I proved (18")

K2 - no, dear god no (no)

K4 - also decent, it can get the last jump a bit better than JV if you get lucky with the ice (19"ox and lower)

B2 - by far the worst track for WW, the ice already makes it so WW has no advantages (17"9x)

B3 - not bad actually, you can get pretty good times with it (17"6x or lower)

B4 - also reallly good, the ice doesn't lose you too much (19"5x)

BF - really good too, but just barely not a WR contender...at least for now (16"9x)

Q1 - decent enough, you can get mid '15s but not really anything lower (15"5x)

Q3 - pretty good, not amazing but the lack of JDT doesn't affect it much (18"2x)

Q4 - really good, like REALLY good (19"8x)

QF - pretty good without the skip, and it's just a few pixels off from doing the skip WITHOUT mines...so I'd say its got WR potential (17"2x/???)

CH - eh, like P1 the finish ruins it and so does the ice, but you could probably get decent times (16"0x or lower)

   Index » F-Zero MV » WW Flaps on all tracks
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