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FZero GP Legend Preview
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F-Zero GP Legend

F-Zero GP Legend;(Official Japanese Site, Japanese TV Commercial ) is the next installment in the F-Zero line. Following up from the challenging and blindingly fast GX on the GameCube, this new GBA title brings you more of it. More tracks, more characters, more story modes.

Somewhat loosely based on the F-Zero:Falcon Densetsu (The Legend of Falcon) anime, this new title is structured much like the Gamecube title. There's a Story Mode where you must beat baddies on the racetrack and build up cash to get new racers. Tons of anime cutscenes of the F-Zero crew, including Ryu and Captain Falcon gives the game a lot of off-track action. The GBA's come a long way since F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and they've packed oodles of graphics in those tiny cartridges.

The game shares a lot of other features with it's big brother GX, with 30 cars in a race, 30 cars total, 30 characters(what's with the 30s?), custom car building, time attacks, and the improvements go on and on. There are 41 tracks total, in 4 cups and one extra Championship Track in Mute City. Unlike previous F-Zero games which all traditionally contained five tracks per cup, this one contains between 8-12!

New in this version is the Zero Test Mode, which helps new players get to grips with the subtleties of the game. As most FZ masters know, what's 'just another racing game' contains many intricacies in its physics and controls to keep you building on past records. I'm still getting the hang of advanced techniques from  FZ:MV such as the JDT or mine-boosting.

Players have said that the physics engine has changed since MV, and some say it feels a bit like it's N64 version F-Zero X. Advanced moves have changed, sliding isn't as useful as it was in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. The rocket start timing has become more advanced requiring more skill. Some more advanced players have said the game is easier, but maybe now they're just better Wink. A reviewer from IGN has said the game can be difficult, even in its early stages. I'm sure the game will live up to the reputation of previous F-Zero games of giving the player a good challenge, forcing them to experiment and learn advanced moves in order to progress.

The music pushes the sound processor to it's limits. If you like big synth metal-riffs, then F-Zero's the soundtrack for you. Simulated guitar-picking solos and remakes of all the old F-Zero faves feature heavily throughout. And such a big game has an extended soundtrack with a total of 25 tracks.

The game was released in Japan on November 28. Nintendo of Europe say the game is scheduled to be released in Q2 2004 but still no word on American releases. For those of you interested in buying early, their are many game importers who have what you need. Ebay is also a good place to look. There is no regional locks on GameBoys, so American and European GBAs will play Japanese games just fine.

F-Zero GP Legend is set to be another great addition to the F-Zero lineup. It adds on the challenge of earlier games, and builds upon the game in new directions. Although there is some debate over the difficulty of this title, the F-Zero line-up has always been a tough racer, that's part of its appeal.


The Blue Falcon is Back!

Lightning actually features lightning flashes.


More ships in a race means you meet lots of new 'friends'


I haven't seen this before, I think this one is new. Wink

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