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F-Zero MV

What is F-Zero Maximum Velocity?

F-Zero MV is a hovercraft racing game for the Gameboy Advance platform. It offers 21 tracks of racing with 10 machines.

F-Zero MV Ships

There are ten machines in F-Zero MV. Each has their settings listed below including: Maximum Speed (non-boost), Maximum Speed (while boosting), Body strength, Turn Performance, Turn Balance, Length of boost, Bost Maintenance, when to hit the accellerator at the start, and jumping ability.

422 - Max Speed
579 - Max Boost
69 - Body
B / C - Turn Perf/Bal
6 sec / Avg - Boost
3rd beep - Start
Average - Jump
An average machine with average speed, turning, strength and boost.

440 - Max Speed
565 - Max Boost
82 - Body
C / B - Turn Perf/Bal
6.5 sec / Avg - Boost
2nd beep - Start
Good - Jump
Slightly peppy, strong body, slower accelaration.

418 - Max Speed
560 - Max Boost
63 - Body
C / A - Turn Perf/Bal
9.5 sec / Poor - Boost
3rd beep - Start
Poor - Jump
One of the best machines for beginners because of good cornering and jumping as well as amazing accelleration and long (although slow) boosting. However, one of the worst machine in the game for experts because of slow speed, weak body, and poor (but long) boost.

428 - Max Speed
585 - Max Boost
50 - Body
A / D - Turn Perf/Bal
5.3 sec / Poor - Boost
3rd beep - Start
Good - Jump
This machine was originally called the "Crazy Horse," but was renamed to the "Wind Walker" in the US version. A quirky but good car. Banana peel balancing, high acceleration and boost, average speed.

436 - Max Speed
591 - Max Boost
75 - Body
C / A - Turn Perf/Bal
3 sec / Above Avg - Boost
3rd beep - Start
Average - Jump
This machine was originally called the "Dirty Joker," but was renamed to the "Sly Joker" in the US version. Above average speed, good performance overall, but a really short boost takes the fun out of it.

460 - Max Speed
525 - Max Boost
85 - Body
C / C - Turn Perf/Bal
12.0 sec / Poor - Boost
2nd beep - Start
Great - Jump
Above average machine with an extremely long but slow boost. The Stingray also has the highest jump and a drifting balance, making this one of the funner machine.

464 - Max Speed
589 - Max Boost
90 - Body
D / B - Turn Perf/Bal
3.7 sec / Average - Boost
1st beep - Start
Poor - Jump
Heavy machine with good speed, ok turning, and low boost. Very similar to the Jet Vermillion, but not as good. Once you've unlocked the Jet Vermillion, this machine becomes redundant.

448 - Max Speed
573 - Max Boost
66 - Body
C / B - Turn Perf/Bal
7.2 sec / Average - Boost
3rd beep - Start
Good - Jump
One of the better machines all around. Good acceleration, turning, and boost, its only real weakness is its body strength.

412 - Max Speed
593 - Max Boost
56 - Body
D / B - Turn Perf/Bal
9.0 sec / High - Boost
3rd beep - Start
Good - Jump
One of the best machines in the game, largely because of its high boost maintenance and long boost. Don't let the Max Normal Speed fool you, this puppy can maintain its boost throughout a track giving you very high speeds. The low body strength can be a hinderance in Grand Prix mode.

456 - Max Speed
602 - Max Boost
100 - Body
E / B - Turn Perf/Bal
4.2 sec / Highest - Boost
1st beep - Start
Terrible - Jump
The mac daddy. Hard to get but worth it. High speed, highest boost, highest boost maintenance. Difficult machine to master, but will shave loads off your times. High body strength and balance gives this machine the ability to turn mines into boosts.


You get a machine for reaching each of these goals.

  • Beat Pawn, Knight, and Bishop on Standard difficulty
  • Beat Pawn, Knight, and Bishop on Expert difficulty
  • Beat Queen on Expert difficulty
  • Beat any class on Master difficulty
  • Beat all four classes on Master difficulty

You always get the machines in the following order:

  • Sly Joker
  • The Stingray
  • Silver Thunder
  • Falcon Mk-II
  • Fighting Comet.

Unlocking the Jet Vermillion

In order to unlock the Jet Vermillion, you have to do one of four things:

  1. Beat all four grand prix, every track, using the other 9 machines on MASTER. Good luck.
  2. Finish the Championship Circuit 255 times.
  3. Use Action Replay for the gameboy (see below).
  4. Use our password generator. Type your save game name to generate a password. Now in the Grand Prix Car Select press L,R, Start, R, L, Select. Enter your code, and the Jet Vermillion is yours! Whether you can handle it is a different matter... 

What Action Replay Codes are Available?

These two codes can be used to unlock the Jet Vermillion ship (even though "All Vehicles" is there, it does *not* work). These codes are built into newer ARs - just remember to throw the front switch to left to save the codes to the card. The card is then unlocked and you no longer need AR. Actual cheat codes are available at codejunkies.com - but we don't recommend using them and they are banned from our ladder. (M)
All Vehicles

A Guide to Unlocking the Queen Series

Click here for a guide by Michael Kircher



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