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FZero 2 Guide
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BS F-Zero 2
General Information and Course Guides

By Justin Ridenour 

Game Background

BS F-Zero 2 is the sequel to the popular Super Nintendo racing game F-Zero. BS F-Zero 2 was never released in America, or even on a cartridge for that matter. It was only playable on the Super Famicom add-on Satelavision. The add-on allowed Japanese players to play sequels to popular Super Famicom games for a short amount of time. Several versions were made like Ace League, Queen League, King League, etc. and the Ace League version is the most popular one (and the one featured in this guide). 



Start Pause the game. Select car/option
Select Switch between cars and options
A Button Booster. Select Options
B Button Accelerate. Select Options
X Button Brake
Y Button Brake
L Button Sharp turn to the left
R Button Sharp turn to the right



There are four new Vehicles here. they are similar to the original 4 in some ways..

Blue Thunder

Engine Unit: BT-626 x 2
Max Power: 3230 PS
Max Speed: 472 km/h
Weight: 1260 kg
The Blue Thunder is a good car for beginners. It accelerates somewhat quickly and takes corners well.

Luna Bomber

Engine Unit: LB-2000 x 4
Max Power: 7600 PS
Max Speed: 477 km/h
Weight: 3800 kg
You should only use the Luna Bomber after you have some valuable experience at the game. It’s the fastest car and it’s a little difficult to handle.

Green Amazone

Engine Unit: GA15B x 1
Max Power: 1270 PS
Max Speed: 450 km/h
Weight: 890 kg
The Green Amazone has the fastest acceleration rate in the game, but it also swings wildly when you turn.

Fire Scorpion

Engine Unit: RS-5025S x 4
Max Power: 4892 PS
Max Speed: 463 km/h
Weight: 2152 kg
The Fire Scorpion is not the heaviest car but it’s acceleration takes longer than the rest of the cars. It’s the easiest car to steer.


Course Guides

For the tracks, I will be giving shortcut tips to help you win the race. After every lap you complete, you will be given a booster (just like in the original F-Zero). You can hold up to three at a time.

Ace League

Mute City IV
This is a basic track. You will learn how to control your car here and deal with the main obstacles like dirty roads that slow you down. When you come to the first set of booster arrows, hit the ramp and aim for the blue section of the ground outside the track. Hit the furthest right part and you can bounce further ahead on the track.

Big Blue II
Be careful of the water in this area. If you try to turn quickly on it, you will slide into the outside barrier. A little bit into this track is a little ramp to the left of the regular track. Only hit it if you use a booster and you will come to an area of ground that you can bounce off of to get ahead.

Sand Storm I
This track has a lot of narrow sharp turns. If you don’t learn to make them, you will lose a lot of energy in this track. Towards the end of this track, you will find an area where there are mines in the middle of the road and hurtful barriers on the outside.

Silence II
Towards the beginning will be two sections of track covered in mines. Drive down the center of them and if you have a booster, jump over the second using the ramp. Directly after the mines, you will come to a section of the lever where instead of bumpers on the edge of the track, there will be ramps. If you’re not careful, you will go flying to your doom. If you’re good, you can use a booster to take advantage of the ramps.

Sand Storm II
There are a lot of quick twists and turns in this level. At about the halfway section is a magnet surrounded by dirt. It will try to pull you in and slow you down. This is the only main obstacle here besides the turns.


   Index » F-Zero Stuff » FZero 2 Guide
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