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samurai goroh
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F-Zero X Time Attack Tool Assisted Speedrun
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From comicalflop at TASvideos.org

"I'm thinking (*read disclaimer at bottom*) about starting a Tool Assisted Speedrun (using an emulator, in this case mupen 64, using slowdown and savestates for 100% perfection) of F-Zero X Time Attack mode, matching or beating all the WR's. The WR's are pretty tight, but I'm sure that tool assistance could either prove that a WR is otpimal, or show the course taken to the max. Basically all conceivable shortcuts, speed tactics, and advanced techniques would be utilized in order to get the absolute fastest time on each course. The run would go through all 20 courses in sequential order.

The main driver would be Blood Hawk, on max acceleration. On a few courses if a driver change is nescessary, it will be done. A code will be used at the start to access all drivers and courses.

If anyone has any suggestions on changes to make to the WR's, please feel free to make them. I've already studied the WR's and thought of a few possible additions already, ones that are incredibly gutsy to do and that are out of reach of normal human playing. If anyone knows of specific tricks that have not been accomplished yet for this reason, let me know because a skilled player will be sure to know what tricks haven't been done yet and what some I may have thought of are indeed not possible.

At the moment I'm doing little experimentations to get familiar with the game, and currently noodling around with Mute City and trying to match the pace of the WR for that course (and hardly succeeding .) It should be noted that I have never played this game before and in real time suck at it, but that is never a factor for a TAS, since the game is mostly on pause as I advance frame by frame.

I've taken the liberty to do as much research into the advanced techniques as possible, from the difference between slider and jumper cars, to floating, and angled dives, etc. By no means have I mastered them, but I have the vids and the descriptions, and from that I should be able to deduce how to replicate/optimize them.

Assuming that I work on this, all videos will be posted right here on the first page for easy downloading. I will encode the vids myself, with a noticable amount of high quality that will distinguish it between a recorded videotape and emulation.
Comments, questions, pointers, and everything in between is highly saught after.

I have not started this run yet. I am unsure if I am going to follow through with this; if I don't, I will delete this post.

I am unsure how much work a project like this will require; if it's to much, I will have to back down. This game is very complicated, but I've mastered many many games from scratch, and become quite a perfectionist in how I approach games, so hopefully this will be no different.

I am an incredibly distractful person, and currently working on other TASes, namely Mario Kart 64, Ocarina of Time, Yoshi Story, StarFox 64, and A Link to the Past, to name a few. This amount of workload will likely get the better of me, and starting on this may not be such a hot idea, but it's very attention grabbing.

At the moment my progress of this is secret to the TASvideos.org site. Please do not divulge to them that I am working on this."

Golden Fox
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Re: F-Zero X Time Attack Tool Assisted Speedrun
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Hehe, thanks Smile

I'm just a bit worried that these TASes might get a bit old or samey so I'd like to give myself the option of scaling back or something. While I've just about routed enough of pretty much every track to know that they can all be beaten while facing backwards, most of the tricks that I pull off that end up being the really entertaining bits of the TAS are things that happen either by accident or are otherwise made up on the fly. With 30 tracks to go through, it can be a bit hard to consistantly come up with something interesting/unique, especially on some of the more...let's just say "limiting" tracks.

Anyways, here's Mighty Gazelle's TAS, finishing off the top row of F-Zero machines...Mute City 4 from the Expansion Kit:


This also beats JKT's TAS of MC4 by 2"047. Not that I actually planned to beat it...

Oh, and before I forget, here's a playlist:


This playlist includes my older TAS of Smooth Clouds 9 with Deep Claw. Looks like lucky ol' Octoman will get 2 backwards TASes.

Golden Fox
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Re: F-Zero X Time Attack Tool Assisted Speedrun
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Lightning TAS V2 Razz

Previous TASes:
Tidal (Iron Tiger) youtu.be/COz0JJf2HW0
Dashes Power 5 (Deep Claw) youtu.be/lGexlXwvFgQ
Fire Field 4 - Wicked (Crazy Bear) youtu.be/X4E_i_Vo6iE
Mute City 5 - Sloping Area (Great Star) youtu.be/KpuO96oM4sI
Electronic City 5 - Mirror Coordinates (Big Fang) youtu.be/eT2Nfk8m74Q

With the second row of machines cleared, I figured now is a good time to...not so much put the backwards TASes on hold but more like have a bit of an intermission. Right now, I want to divert my focus towards discovering more about the glitch that allows for triggering AGG in mid-air. For those who haven't seen it: youtu.be/U8_qPPXhZcw
I've made some decent-ish progress in that area but there's simply way too much I still don't know and that will almost certainly remain the case once I eventually present my findings, a fact that irks me a lot but I guess anything is better than nothing. Right now, I don't anticipate that this glitch will change the way we run the game in RTA or even in a TAS but you never know with these sorts of things...

I've also been meaning to get at least some normal/forwards-facing TASes out of the way as well. Most notably, I want to try and make at least one Silence 3 TAS with a Custom Machine. I have other TASes in mind but nothing's guarenteed atm.

No ETAs on any of this. Things'll happen when they happen...and when I actually feel like making things happen Razz

Oh and time attacking/WRing on console. I'd like to do a bit more of that as well now that I have a capture device ^^
...oh and since leaderboads were made for X Climax, I thought I might at least look into that too and...um...
...maybe this will be way too long for a mere intermission now that I think about it Neutral

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