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MFO Code of Conduct
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  MFO Code of Conduct

MrFixitOnline.com is an interactive website dedicated to helping the computer gaming community.

In pursuit of this goal, we provide: discussion forums, strategy articles, tournaments, unit sheets, etc. We encourage members to participate in all our activities provided they follow our Conduct Code. Here is our simple code to help you build up the gaming community:

Mood StampDo:
  • Treat everyone the way you want to be treated
  • Think twice before posting
  • Try to suggest a solution for every problem you mention
  • Attribute the source of your ideas/information
  • Keep language clean
  • Add an "emoticon" to convey your tone if needed
  • Be helpful, kind and respectful to other users at all times
  • Refer people to the FAQs when needed
  • When given a choice, always err on the side of chilling out
Mood Stamp Don't:
  • Post when you are tired or angry
  • Worry about other's spelling, nationality, race, etc.
  • Personally attack other people
  • Degrade or "flame" other users
  • Post advertisements or other "SPAM"
  • Send SPAM to MFO users via email
  • Encourage piracy or cracks
  • Post offensive text, pictures or links to offensive text or pictures
  • Accuse anyone by name of being a cheater
  • Join in because every else has done it (For the time of the Moderator is close at hand!)

Gold Members Forum Policy
  • Gold members who own forums and make them public are responsible for enforcing the CoC on their forums. Any forum that fails to do this or develops a theme in violation of CoC will be subject to closing without notice. Subject matter in private forums may also come under this ruling should gross violations such as a pornography , or advertisements for illegal activities or other gross violation may occur.

Following the MFO code of conduct will allow the entire community to continue to enjoy this free site. Those who do not follow the code will be asked to leave.

   Index » MFO bordered Stuff » MFO Code of Conduct
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