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What is MFO?
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  What is MFO?

MFO is a network of forums designed to develop power gamers into even more skillful competitors in an ever growing gaming market. Founded by a core of dedicated Age of Empires players and back by the power of sqlBBS version1.0 (developed by Mr Fixit), MFO has moved from a mere message board to an information hub. The finance of this site comes from the pockets of Mr Fixit, some advertising banners, affiliate programs, and the "Be a Friend" program.

Just as the gaming market is in constant change so our web designing and forums are always being updated with the lastest gamimg information and articles of the latest playing styles. The large size of MFO can at first be overwhelming but there is a volunteer staff of over 50 people lead by our general manager blue_myriddn. Each forum has been assigned to a team of staff members who answer questions, add content, edit articles for publishing, or moderate posts. Staff members can be recognized by the prefix place before their name: i.e. AOK TheMightyDagger, EE Strike_Steel, and CS ShadeMM. If you ever wish to know all the members on a team just click on their prefix and you will link to a page with all the team names on it.

All of us at MFO want to welcome you here and hope you are made to feel at home. The staff wants you to understand that no question is considered so small or unimportant that we will not attempt to answer it. We want you to visit quite often and feel free to state your mind (provided you stay within the CoC). We like to think of ourselves as communities of power gamers lending a hand to one another in a common goal of improved play thus making play constantly exciting. We invite you to take a tour to become familiar with MFO and remind you that all of us started new. We learned as we went and helped others with our knowledge. We hope you will share your knowledge with us.

Rich “Mr Fixit” Andrews
   Index » MFO bordered Stuff » What is MFO?
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