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F-Zero X

Created and Written by Karl Jobst
Tips, Strategies and Fast Times Walkthrough created by David Van Moer

Version 0.82

Date: 10/03/00

Contact: Karl [email protected]
         David Van [email protected]
         Jimmy [email protected]

F-Zero X E-group Address: http://www.egroups.com/group/FzeroX

Come to the F-Zero X e-group to ask questions, submit times, and talk to the
pros Smile

WRITTEN FROM PAL EXPERIENCE! And just in case you don't know about PAL and
NTSC, it's a very technical area involving the type of TV you use. If you live
in America or Japan, you are watching an NTSC TV, which can refresh your
screen 60 times every second A.K.A - 60 different pictures in one second. PAL
however, which is used in Australia and most parts of Europe, can only refresh
the TV screen 50 times a second. Because of this, the speed of the game on an
NTSC TV is much faster than that of a PAL TV. Thus, the cars on the PAL
version will ultimately drive at a slower speed. Hmmm.......I hope I made
sense there. I want you to know this because things may be different to NTSC
users. The walkthroughs are set for PAL users, but are still a great help to
NTSC users. But please don't blame me if something in this FAQ doesn't work
because you use the NTSC F-Zero X.



1.  Intro
2.  Revision History (updated of course!)
3.  Controls/Moves
4.  Basic Explanations
5.  Basic Tactics
6.  Main Screen Options
7.  Drivers and Machines
8.  Grand Prix - Course Walkthroughs (Jack and Queen)
9.  Time Attack
10. Death Race
11. VS Battle
12. Practice
13. Options
14. Fast Times - PAL and NTSC (updated)
15. David Van Moer's Speed Tactics
16. David Van Moer's Speed Walkthroughs
17. Death Race Tips
18. Death Race Grand Prix
19. Codes/Secrets
20. F.A.Q
23. F-Zero X E-group
24. E-mailing me.
25. E-mail Addresses (updated)
26. Copyright
27. Final Words, credits, thanks.
28. FIN


                             *~*~* INTRO *~*~*

Another F-Zero X FAQ? Why? Well, this FAQ is going to be the best there is.
Plus, being the person I am, I have started a Fast Times area, which is not
totally complete. Well, I hope you enjoy reading this FAQ. Just remember that
if you are unsure of anything, and the answer you're looking for isn't
anywhere to be seen, just e-mail me and I'll see what I can do for you.




0.82 - Much Too Tired (10/3/00)

...Added times of Dustin Andrews (need to update his times)....too
tired....must go to bed....must submit update....

0.81 - Times and Fast Times Walkthroughs update (9/1/00)

I haven't been doing much on this FAQ lately but I will try hard to get a lot
done in the future. There are several things I need to add and I need to
finish the walkthroughs so they are my main priority. However, my n64 has been
taken away for a week and I won't have it back until Monday. This also means
that my times aren't up-to-date because I can't check them.

Ok, to today's update. You will not believe it but the BEST, I repeat the BEST
F-Zero X player in the WORLD has joined up in the F-Zero X E-groups! Plus I
have added his times to the FAQ! So, think you were fast before? Well get
ready to be very disappointed! Smile This guy has given me a David strats we
never though possible and he is writing strats as I speak! So expect big
things from that in the future too!

I have also added a couple of level walkthroughs from David which include
sliding walkthroughs for Mute City and Silence!

I have also updated heaps of times and I have added the times of Sami Cetin

0.8 - Times and walkthroughs update (8/21/00)

I completed the Queen cup for the track Walkthroughs. I also updated times
from Nathan, David, and I.

I've e-mailed several people about times but I haven't gotten a reply from
anyone yet...

0.71 - A times update... (8/19/00)

This is just a times update today. However, there are some killer times and
speeds by David, Nathan, and myself. Hmm...still waiting for more people to
join the F-Zero X group, and I need times!!!

Oh yeah, I added the times of Steven Zwartjes too. He's pretty good, but he
might have faster times. I'm not too sure though because he hasn't replied to

0.7 - New sections.....making the FAQ a better place to live... (8/5/00)

Hmmm...First I credit "underscore" for making me a mod on GameFAQs chat Smile
Don't know why, I guess I was just trying to bribe him Smile

I updated David's walkthrough. He has now completed all of the King Cup! So
check that out. I have also updated a few times by David and Nathan, plus a
few from me. Talking about me.....I JUST BEAT EVERY SINGLE STAFF GHOST!!! Such
a big accomplishment. At the moment I'm trying to finish White Land 2 in under
a minute. I'm so close! Yesterday I got 1:01 and I can go heaps faster! Hey,
David's lap is still a second and a half fast than mine!

I added 2 new sections, plus I also added the "(new)" and "(updated)" signs
next to their appropriate sections.

0.65 - Update from David (7/31/00)

David has sent me the Fast Time walkthroughs up to the Fire Field!!! So, I've
posted them. I've also updated times from Nathan Stinson. I now only have 2
more staff ghosts to beat....

0.612- Very small update (7/29/00)

Just added the machines for Dan Taber's times. I finally beat the Mute City,
Sand Ocean, and Devil's Forest staff ghosts all in one night! So, a few better
times from me.

0.61 - A times update. (7/26/00)

Well, a 99% times update today, plus I added another Death Match tip from
Croco64. I added Wes McKinney's times as well which is a big thing because
he's the guy who used to run the F-Zero X World Records site at
www.turokcave.com/fzero/. Also updated a couple of my times and a couple of
other times. Oh, and a word of news. Patrick Wessels said that I could have
his times so they will be in soon.

There's an F-Zero X egroup started now and you can find it at -


Here you can talk about F-Zero X and post your times or just chat about stuff.
You can also post your proof because it allows you to put pictures on the site
for everyone to view. I'll see you there.

Just one more thing, I just got word that David is halfway through the Queen
Cup with the Fast Times walkthroughs. I should post at least the Jack Cup
walkthroughs in the next update.

0.6  - The incomplete FAQ. (7/22/00)

The main walkthroughs are only for the Jack cup so far, but there are more
walkthroughs to follow. I'm going to add tons more times to the fast times
section and I have heaps of updating to do. David Van Moer is writing fast
time walkthroughs so I'll be posting them in the near future as well.



       The first part of this section tells you what the buttons do on their
own. So, don't get upset if you see a move for a button that I haven't listed.
In the second part of this section, I will list all of the moves you can
perform in your craft.

Control Stick: The control stick steers the car. By tilting the control stick
left, your car will turn left. The more you tilt the control stick, the harder
the car will turn. But be careful, if you turn too fast, you will skid out o
control! While you are driving on the track, press forward or back with the
control stick, will either lower or rise the front of your car. If you are
going at an incredibly high speed, while press back with the control stick
(raising the front of your car), your car has a very good chance of blowing
off the track into the city below. However, if you have the nose pointed down,
there is little to no chance of your car blowing away. While you are driving
on the track, tilting the nose will not be visible, but it still works.

While you are in the air, you can use the control stick to determine your
path, your distance, and your speed. While in flight, tilting the control
stick left or right will steer you in that direction. But while you are in the
air, it is difficult to steer properly. By pressing back with the control
stick, you can tilt the nose of your craft up, which enables your craft to
cover a greater distance. However, this will also cause your craft to slow
down. If you press forward with the control stick, you can tilt the nose of
your craft down. This will make your craft accelerate to an incredible speed,
while at the same time covering a less distance.

A Button: This causes your craft to accelerate. If you don't press this
button, your craft will never move. If you release this button while moving,
your craft will slow down, and eventually reach a crawling speed.

B Button: You can only use this button on the second and third lap. It gives
you craft a temporary boost of speed, which is shown by a green flame that
erupts from the back of your craft. This speed boost will accelerate your
speed dramatically, and can determine the outcome of a race. However, the
amount of boosts you can perform in a race is limited, and has a downside.
Every time you boost, you decrease the amount of energy that surrounds your
craft. If you use up all of that energy, you will be unable to boost. Also, if
you use up all of your energy, there is a very high possibility that you will
be destroyed by either a rival car, or a hard wall.

R Button: This button will cause your craft to drift to the right. However,
you will lose speed.

Z Button: This button will cause your craft to drift to the left. However, you
will lose speed.

L Button: This button allows you to see how much time separates you and the
leading rival machine. If you are coming first, it shows how much time
separates you and the rival machine coming second.

C-Down: I'm kicking myself as I write this because up until today I thought
that there wasn't a break in F-Zero X. Well, this is it. It acts as a hand
brake, and slows the car down, eventually to a compete stop. At high speeds,
this button is necessary when going around corners, to stop you from going out
of control.

The same applies while your craft is in the air. This button will slow your
craft down very quickly while you fly.

C-Up/Right: This button allows you to view the area behind your craft. While
holding this button, you will see everything behind you, and will have no
vision of the things in front of you. So, I wouldn't use this when there are
corners nearby.

C-Left: This button is only useful while playing with 2 or three other
persons. In the quarter-split screens, there isn't enough room to put both the
course radar and the lap display on each player's screen at the same time. So,
this button will switch between the two.

Start: This button pauses, and unpauses the race while it is in progress.

Control Pad: At first I thought that the control pad served no use but David
told me otherwise. First of all you can use it in the main screen and options

But most important you can use it on the machine settings screen. You can use
the control stick to nudge the arrows left and right. This gives you more
accuracy and helps out a lot.


DRIFT TURN --- Right + R / Left + Z

This turn is much sharper than the normal turn using the control stick. It
lets you tackle the tougher turns, without you craft sliding out of control.
However, using this turn WILL slow you down.

SLIDE TURN --- Right + Z / Left + R

I never use this turn, it isn't affective, and slows down your craft too much.
It causes your craft to slide while it turns, but lets you regain control
whenever you want. This turn allows you to turn very sharp corners. And as I
have already said, this move slows you down a hell of a lot.

However, if you choose a slider and put the machine settings at high
acceleration, this turn will make your machine actually go faster! Just make
sure that while you're turning you don't hold down R or Z - a simple tap to
start you sliding is all that it takes. For more information on sliding check
out David Van Moer's tactics. He describes it pretty well there.

SIDE ATTACK --- Z - Z (tap Z twice) / R - R (tap R twice)

This move is very affective when you want to bash a rival craft out of the
competition. This move covers you in a red shield, and shoots your craft to
the left or the right depending on which button you use. If you smash into any
opposing vehicle(s), there is a very high chance that they will be destroy or
severally injured. This attack is very accurate, and very fast. However, it
will slow you down. This move can also be performed in the air.

SPIN ATTACK --- R + Z - Z (hold R and tap Z twice) / Z + R - R (hold Z and tap
                R twice)

This move will cause your craft to spin around in an attempt to knock out
opponents around it. In crowded areas, this move can be very affective, and
can destroy several crafts at a time. As with the other attack, this move will
slow you down, but not much. This move can be very affective when performed in
the air.


                              BASIC EXPLANATIONS

The Energy Bar: The energy bar serves two purposes ---

1. The energy bar measures the strength of the shield that is surrounding you
craft. Every time you bump into the side railings, or get hit by another car,
part of your shield will deteriorate. Once your entire shield has been
depleted, another blow will totally destroy you.

2. When you gain the power to boost, the energy bar acts as a fuel tank. Every
time you boost, a portion of your energy gets sucked away. Once you have used
up all of your energy, you can no longer boost! Plus, you still have to worry
about being totally destroyed.

To regain your energy, you can do two things. You can drive through pit stops,
those long strips of pink, and you can destroy other vehicles to gain a slight
amount of energy. When your energy bar is totally full up, you can't get any
more energy. them while talking about the energy bar. The pit stops are

Pit Stops or Refill Zones: I just mentioned the long stretches of pink area
that you find on each course. When you drive through these areas of pink, your
energy bar will gradually refill. While you are in a pit area, nothing can
harm you, and nothing can deteriorate your energy bar. So, boosting in the pit
lane won't decrease your energy!

Stars: Every time you destroy a rival craft, you will be awarded with a star
that will be sown on the right side of the screen. If you get five stars, you
will be awarded with an extra ship! However, getting 10 stars in a race will
earn you no extra rewards. Smile

Crafts: When you start a Grand Prix, you will own a certain amount of crafts
depending on what difficulty level you are racing on. When you fall off the
edge of a course, or are destroyed, you will lose a craft. Once all of you
crafts have been destroyed, you will be forced to exit the Grand Prix and try
again from the very beginning.

Lap Display: This will tell you what lap, out of three, you are currently

Speedometer(km/h): The little square on the bottom right-hand side of the
screen tells you the speed your craft is travelling.

Position Display: This tells you what place your craft is currently at. 30
being last place, and 1 meaning you are leading the pack.

Course Radar: This gives you a birdseye view of the course. You are
represented by the flashing light-blue circle. The dark-blue circle represents
the current leader of the computer-controlled craft. If you are in the lead,
the dark-blue circle will represent second place.

Top 6 Display: In the Grand Prix mode, you will see 6 pictures of drivers on
the left side of the screen. These tell you who are currently in the top six
positions, with the top of the 6 pictures in first place.

Time Display: This tells you how long you have been racing for.

Yellow Arrow Boosts: These are scattered about every course. If you run over
them, they give you a speed boost similar to the boost caused when you push B.
There need no energy, and can range in size.

Traps: These things are little pyramids that are placed around only a couple
of the course in F-Zero X. They throw any machine up in the air, slow them
down, and take away a tiny little piece of the machine's energy.

Ice and Dirt Sections: These slow your machine down, and course your vehicle
to slide more often than not. A word of advice, don't drive through these!

Jump Plates: These look like long Traps, but they don't harm you in any way.
These cause your machine to jump up into the air. These can cause your
machine's speed to increase dramatically if used correctly.


                                BASIC TACTICS

DON'T TURN TOO FAST! The biggest mistake you can make in F-Zero X is turning
too fast into a corner, and sliding out of control. Not only can sliding
destroy you if you ram into a wall with low energy, but it slows you down
dramatically, and can sometimes determine the outcome of a race. However, even
on sharp turns, there are ways to stop sliding:

1. Drift Turn: This turn is very affective, and is 100% slide free. If there
are any tight corners, with little or no enemies around, this is the turn for

2. Side Attack Turn(or jumping): This is the best turning technique, and maybe
not for beginners. While turning, this move will cause you craft to 'jump'
over to the right or left, and turn very quickly. It stops sliding, and is
very useful in tight S-bends.

3. Tap The Accelerator (I'll abbreviate it as "TA"): If you are going around a
fairly sharp corner, and feel no need to use the drift turn or jump turn, but
there is still some risk of sliding, letting go of the accelerator can grip
you to course. This almost totally demolishes the risk of sliding, and there
is an unnoticeable amount of speed loss.

4. I have never used this next technique while racing, as I don't find it
useful and there are better ways to go around corners. This technique is to
brake as you turn a corner. Using the brake will keep you from losing control,
but it slows you down too much to be of use. I suggest using any of the three
techniques mentioned above.

So, there should never be a time where you slide out of control!

DESTROY YOUR RIVALS! I'm sure you all have times where there is someone who
always gets in first place, and you're sure you have no way to possibly win.
Well, there is a simple strategy that can put the fastest of your enemies out
of the picture. The idea is to destroy your rivals, so that they have no
chance of getting any points. It can put you into the lead by a long way, and
can set them back to the bottom of the list. This is a very, very good
technique, and is very effective. If you are having trouble getting rid of
your rivals, check out the 'Killing Tips' part of this FAQ.

GET INTO FIRST PLACE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! It is best if you get into first
place as soon as possible. It gives you a clear area in front of you where
there is no chance of running into crafts that are in front of you. It lets
you turn corners smoothly, and gives you plenty of room to go at your max
speed without any slow downs.

NO RAILS = EASY KILLS! On some levels you encounter parts of the course that
have no side rails, these are the ultimate areas to destroy other crafts.
Simply drive along side them, and give them a little tap off the edge of the
track. You'll soon hear a little "DING", and will be awarded with a star.
However, be careful. If you miss your target, there is a pretty good chance
that you will fall down instead of your rival craft. Obviously, this is a very
bad thing.

DON'T USE UP ALL OF YOUR ENERGY! Don't boost until you cannot boost any more.
It will leave you destroy-prone, and a nice target for rival crafts. One nick
off a wall when your energy is gone, and you're toast. Also, try to preserve
your energy so that it runs for the entire lap until the pit zone where you
can refuel. If you run out of juice early in a lap, it will give other crafts
ample opportunity to gain a higher speed than you, and get a long way in front
of you.


                             MAIN SCREEN OPTIONS

GP --- Grand Prix: This will lead you to the Grand Prix mode where you will
race with 30 other cars, in an attempt to score the most points.

TIME ATTACK: This mode will let you race by yourself in an attempt to get the
fastest time you possibly can on any level. It also lets you view the fastest
times held for each level.

DEATH MATCH: This mode is designed simply for the purpose of destroy 29 crafts
as fast as you can. Great fun!

VS MODE: This mode lets you battle it out with up to three friends, and maybe
a computer-controlled craft.

PRACTICE: A mode that lets you race with 29 other cars on any course you want.
The idea isn't to win, but to practice your skills.

OPTIONS: This lets you fiddle around with the options of the game. Dealing
with sound, gameplay, and multiplayer.


                              DRIVERS AND CARS

In F-Zero X it is essential that you choose the right driver to race with.
Some are excellent, some just plain suck. Here's the list of all the drivers.
Because some of you might have lost your manuals (as I did for a LONG time),
I'll add everything the manual did.

But first of all, here are the definitions ---

The scale ranges from A to E, A being the best, and E being the worst.

Weight: The weight of the machine tells us (obviously) how heavy the machine
is. The heavier the machine, the larger the top speed it is able to go. But
don't be fooled, if a heavy machine has a bad boost, it will never reach the
speed of a light machine with a good boost.

Body: This tells us how well the machine can withstand damage, either from
other vehicles, or driving into rails. The better the body, the more damage
the machine can withstand. It also helps with the demolition of other rival

Boost: This tells us how well the machine can boost. This depends on the
power, and the length of the boost. Having a good boost in most cases is
essential the winning.

Grip. This tells us how well the machine can turn around corners. A bad grip
is a sign that the machine will slide often. Good grip tells us that the
machine can round corners with little chance of sliding. Grip is also very

IMPORTANT! The pilot in the machine has absolutely nothing to do with the way
the machine drives. You are the only person controlling the machine, and the
pilot of the machine does not effect the craft IN-ANY-WAY.

Oh, and one more thing. The pilot is on the left, and the machine is on the


CAPTION FALCON   ----------------------   BLUE FALCON
-----------------                      -----------------

Age: 36                                Weight: 1260 kg
Story: He's a well known bounty hunter Body:   B
as well as a great F-zero pilot. Many  Boost:  B
mysteries surround Capt. Falcon ---    Grip:   C
the only thing we know is that he's    Number: 7
from Port Town.

Opinion: This is a good machine, but it has nothing that makes it stand out
from the pack. There are far better alternatives. However, this is a good go
for beginners because it is an all rounded machine. Third best racer in the
first row.

DR. STEWART   -------------------------   GOLDEN FOX
--------------                         ----------------

Age: 41                                Weight: 1420 kg
Story: He's been living in the fast    Body:   D
lane as a doctor. Dr. Stewart became   Boost:  A
interested in the F-Zero X GP after    Grip:   D
the death of his father/ The Golden    Number: 3
Fox belonged to his father.

Opinion: This machine is a bad choice for any driver. It may have good boost,
but lacks in both other areas. A bad machine indeed.

PICO   --------------------------------   WILD GOOSE
-------                                ----------------

Age: 123 (or so he says)               Weight: 1620 kg
Story: Pico used to work for a special Body:   B
unit of the Poripoto army. He's        Boost:  B
aggressive, but calm. Rumour has it    Grip:   C
that he is also an infamous hit man.   Number: 6

Opinion: This is the second best machine in the first row. Has a decent boost
and a pretty good body. Excellent for intermediate drivers, but more difficult
for beginners.

SAMURAI GOROH   -----------------------   FIRE STINGRAY
----------------                       -------------------

Age: 44                                Weight: 1960 kg
Story: He's one of the best bounty     Body:   A
hunters around and the leader of a     Boost:  D
group of space thieves. Goroh's reason Grip:   B
for joining F-Zero is because of his   Number: 5
hatred for Capt. Falcon, his rival.

Opinion: An OK machine, but it is by far the machine you should choose to race
with. Generally, body is the least important feature, and doesn't really serve
much use if you want to win a face. Not a speed vehicle.

JODY SUMMER   -------------------------   WHITE CAT
--------------                         ---------------

Age: 24                                Weight: 1150 kg
Story: Jody is one the top rookie      Body:   C
pilots in the circuit. While Jody      Boost:  C
doesn't have much experience, many see Grip:   A
her as a dark horse.                   Number: 2

Opinion: The best machine in the first row. It has excellent grip, which is
very important in a machine. A very good choice for beginners, and a good
choice for intermediates.

MIGHTY GAZELLE   ----------------------   RED GAZELLE
-----------------                      -----------------

Age: 36                                Weight: 1330 kg
Story: Three years ago, he was injured Body:   E
in a freak racing accident and         Boost:  A
miraculously survived. Due to the      Grip:   C
damage his body sustained, he became a Number: 1
cyborg. Others have tried to stop him
from competing, but he is determined
to win.

Opinion: An underestimated machine, because it takes a very good pilot to be
able to master it. It is the fastest racer in the first row. However, there
are better alternatives to this machine, such as the Twin Noritta. But if you
only have the first row accessed, a choice not for the faint hearted.


BABA   --------------------------------   IRON TIGER
-------                                ----------------

Age:18                                 Weight: 1780 kg
Story: This young rookie has           Body:   B
incredible intuition and is very       Boost:  D
flexible. After enduring a great deal  Grip:   A
of training, Baba will make his racing Number: 4
debut this season.

Opinion: This machine has very good grip, and a pretty good body, but lacks
any speed. Boost is crucial if you're going to win the Grand Prix, and this is
not the best choice.

OCTOMAN   -----------------------------   DEEP CLAW
----------                             ---------------

Age: Unknown                           Weight: 990 kg
Story: He represents the planet takora,Body:   B
an enemy of the Milky Way Federation.  Boost:  B
Takorans are intent on showing their   Grip:   C
advanced intelligence to the universe. Number: 8

Opinion: Once again we have an average machine. There are better machines to
choose from.

DR. CLASH   ---------------------------   CRAZY BEAR
------------                           ----------------

Age: 54                                Weight: 2220 kg
Story: A former F-Zero engineer, it    Body:   A
has been Dr. Clash's dream to become a Boost:  B
pilot. He is participating in the race Grip:   E
with a machine he designed and built   Number: 29

Opinion: This machine just plain sucks. Sure, it has a good body, but the grip
is one of the worst in the game. Some machines can use their bad grip to an
advantage, but this machine cannot. A bad choice for anyone.

MR. EAD   -----------------------------   GREAT STAR
----------                             ----------------

Age: Unknown                           Weight: 1870 kg
Story: This cyborg was developed by    Body:   E
the mysterious development group EAD.  Boost:  A
His purpose is to test his I.Q. and    Grip:   D
debug his man-made programming.        Number: 9

Opinion: One of the worst machines in the game. Not a good pick indeed. Bad
grip, and a bad body. The good boost does not balance out the disadvantages.

BIO REX   -----------------------------   BIG FANG
----------                             --------------

Age: 8                                 Weight: 1520 kg
Story: This dinosaur is a product of   Body:   B
bio-technology. Through this           Boost:  D
technology, his brain has become very  Grip:   A
similar to a human's. If he winds the  Number: 15
Grand Prix, he will prove that he's
superior to humans.

Opinion: I used this machine a lot when I was an intermediate driver, and I
won the Queen Grand Prix with it on expert, so it must be pretty good.
However, lack of boost will pose a problem in the harder difficulties and

BILLY   -------------------------------   MAD WOLF
--------                               --------------

Age: 6                                 Weight: 1490 kg
Story: Billy is the first monkey to    Body:   B
participate in F-Zero. He's out to     Boost:  B
prove that monkeys are the superior    Grip:   C
species.                               Number: 11

Opinion: Just like all of the other machines with the same attributes. I give
the same advice.


SILVER NEELSEN   ----------------------   NIGHT THUNDER
-----------------                      -------------------

Age: 97                                Weight: 1530 kg
Story: Neelsen has participated in     Body:   B
more Grand Prix races than anyone, but Boost:  A
has yet to win. His age has drawn      Grip:   E
criticism. Because he is resentful of  Number: 23
the newer machines, the other racers
are avoiding him.

Opinion: This car is an excellent slider. If you don't know what a slider is,
check out the fast times section later in this FAQ. The grip is on E for a
reason, and you can take advantage of this. This car is very good for very
windy courses; the type you will find in the Joker Cup. However, this car is
definitely not for beginners. But a must for experts......like me! Smile

GOMAR & SHIOH   -----------------------   TWIN NORITTA
----------------                       ------------------

Age: Unknown                           Weight: 780 kg
Story: These Furikake people always    Body:   E
act as one person. They are a very     Boost:  A
strange race. While the rules don't    Grip:   C
allow pilots to use their machines for Number: 22
two rides, they were approved by the
committee. Their machine is the
lightest in the circuit.

Opinion: The best machine in the game!!!! This machine rocks! It has the best
boost in the game, and is the fastest machine in the game. A craft not for
beginners, but a craft for intermediates. However, this craft is best in time
attack, and doesn't fair that well in the Grand Prix. So, look through the
Grand Prix walkthroughs to see which Grand Prix course this is the best for.
But overall in Time Attack, this is the vehicle of choice.

JOHN TANAKA   -------------------------   WONDER WASP
--------------                         -----------------

Age: 30                                Weight: 900 kg
Story: Tanaka, an engineer, and member Body:   D
of the Milky Way Federation, is        Boost:  A
supposed to be assisting Jody Summer.  Grip:   D
His concern for his colleague          Number: 26
compelled him to join the Grand Prix.
He seems to be more interested in
protecting Jody Summer than winning
the Grand Prix.

Opinion: Ummm......a really crap machine. Just don't choose it. I SAID DON'T

MRS. ARROW   --------------------------   QUEEN METEOR
-------------                          ------------------

Age: 26                                Weight: 1140 kg
Story: Mrs. Arrow races with her       Body:   E
husband Super Arrow. She's a good wife Boost:  B
and team member. Actually, her racing  Grip:   B
experience makes her a better pilot    Number: 21
than her husband.

Opinion: An excellent choice for a machine, if you haven't got all of the rows
accessed. I used this racer when I was an intermediate racer, for the slightly
harder courses. Don't be fooled by the bad body, it doesn't make much of a
different. Good grip and boost are a good combination.

BLOOD FALCON   ------------------------   BLOOD HAWK
---------------                        ----------------

Age: 36                                Weight: 1170 kg
Story: Created by Black Shadow, Blood  Body:   B
Falcon is an exact duplicate of        Boost:  A
Captain Falcon. Well, almost. Blood    Grip:   E
Falcon is evil --- very evil.          Number: 25

Opinion: Another slider. The machine absolutely rocks on levels like Rainbow
road and big hand. For more info on how to control this beast, read the fast
times section.

JACK LEVIN   --------------------------   ASTRO ROBIN
-------------                          -----------------

Age: 18                                Weight: 1050 kg
Story: Jack's a favourite of the       Body:   B
female fans. Any merchandise with his  Boost:  D
face on it sells out immediately.      Grip:   A
While most people talk about his good  Number: 14
looks and popularity, not too many
people mention his racing skill.

Opinion: An OK choice for a car, but I never use it. This machines standard is
below average.


JAMES McCLOUD   -----------------------  LITTLE WYVERN
----------------                       ------------------

Age: 31                                Weight: 1390 kg
Story: James McCloud is a hired        Body:   E
ranger, and the leader of Galaxy Dog.  Boost:  B
He remodelled his space fighter into   Grip:   B
an F-Zero machine. McCloud is in this  Number: 10
Grand Prix for one reason --- money.

Opinion: Another good choice for a car, on the intermediate circuit. But, you
don't want to hit too many rails with this baby.

ZODA   --------------------------------   DEATH ANCHOR
-------                                ------------------

Age: Unknown                           Weight: 1620 kg
Story: Zoda is the incarnation of evil Body:   E
and intent on conquering the earth.    Boost:  A
Why he's racing in the Grand Prix is   Grip:   C
still a mystery. His past disputes     Number: 13
against the Arrows and Captain Falcon
are well known.

Opinion: One of the fastest cars in the game. A really good choice for expert
riders who know how to get around the track at very high speeds without
banging into side railings.

MICHAEL CHAIN   -----------------------   WILD BOAR
----------------                       ---------------

Age: 38                                Weight: 2110
Story: He's the leader of the bloody   Body:   A
chain gang. Michael participates in    Boost:  C
the Grand Prix to show off his driving Grip:   C
skills to member of his gang. Since he Number: 24
rarely wins, members are slowly
leaving the gang.

Opinion: Umm......I have to say that I don't really like this car. It has a
less than average boost and grip, which are most important.

SUPER ARROW   -------------------------   KING METEOR
--------------                         -----------------

Age: 34                                Weight: 860 kg
Story: Super Arrow's job is to protect Body:   E
the Earth. When Super Arrow discovered Boost:  B
that Zoda, his sworn enemy, had        Grip:   B
entered the Grand Prix, he entered as  Number: 20

Opinion: The attributes are identical to that of his wife's machine. So, I
give the same advice.

KATE ALEN   ---------------------------   SUPER PIRANHA
------------                           -------------------

Age: 29                                Weight: 1010 kg
Story: This popular singer and dancer  Body:   B
has decided to try her hand at racing. Boost:  C
She will debut this season.            Grip:   B
                                       Number: 12

Opinion: A good machine for beginners, but not a choice for intermediates or
experts who live their life in the fast lane.

ROGER BUSTER   ------------------------   MIGHTY HURRICANE
---------------                        ----------------------

Age: 40                                Weight: 1780 kg
Story: Roger, and transportation guru, Body:   E
was supposed to transport a machine to Boost:  B
an unknown participant. His partner    Grip:   B
persuaded him to abandon that idea and Number: 28
race for himself.

Opinion: Another good choice of a machine.


LEON   --------------------------------   SPACE ANGLER
-------                                ------------------

Age: 15                                Weight: 910 kg
Story: Compared to humans, Leon is not Body:   C
very bright. He makes up for it with   Boost:  C
his sharp reflexes and cornering       Grip:   A
ability.                               Number: 19

Opinion: An excellent choice for a machine, but there are better machines you
can choose with the same attributes.

DRAQ   --------------------------------   MIGHTY TYPHOON
-------                                --------------------

Age: 136                               Weight: 950 kg
Story: Draq works with Roger Buster,   Body:   C
and is a big fan of F-Zero. Driving in Boost:  A
the Grand Prix has been his life-long  Grip:   D
dream.                                 Number: 27

Opinion: I have only used this machine once and I will never use it again. I
give you the same advice.

BEASTMAN   ----------------------------   HYPER SPEEDER
-----------                            -------------------

Age: 29                                Weight: 1460 kg
Story: When just a child, Beastman was Body:   C
nearly eaten by a giant alligator.     Boost:  C
Ever since then, he's been a slayer of Grip:   A
beasts. now he hopes to advertise his  Number: 18
services in the Grand Prix.

Opinion: This machine takes the role of the second best machine in the game!
The best machine for courses with tight corners, and still, has a decent<

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