Welcome to F-Zero Central! We are a competition and fan community for the high-speed, futuristic racing game series known as F-Zero. Our site features Time Attack ladders for each of the 6 F-Zero games released on console. We are proud to represent F-Zero pilots of all skill levels here, from world record holders to those completely new to the series.

If you've got questions about our website or are interested in recent developments, we invite you to join the FZC Discord server. We also recommend checking out the F-Zero Nexus Discord server, a broader F-Zero community which welcomes time attack related discussion as well as general chat about the series.

F-Zero Central is one of the oldest speedrun or time attack communities on the Internet, with over 15 years of history. Recently we've been short-handed in terms of site development, so some site features may be lacking for a while, but we'll do our best to keep things running. If you need any assistance with the site, feel free to ask us on our Discord, Facebook, or Twitter.